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Year 4 Learning

Academic Year 2023-2024

This term, the children visited the Cherry Hinton Chalk Pits to see how it has changed over time. They looked at historical photographs and answered questions to see if they could notice the changes that have happened.



Academic Year 2022-2023

Y4 Area Investigation

In Maths we explored area using practical resources, and discovered that doubling the lengths of the sides of a shape made the area of the shape 4 times larger! We then tested our findings using a range of regular and irregular shapes.

Y4 Measurement Investigation 

Continuing our work on measure, we used rulers and metre sticks to try and find objects (or combinations of objects) of a set length. Here you can see a group using 2 rubbers and 4 highlighters to achieve a measurement of exactly 50cm!

Y4 Torches 

In science we concluded our electricity unit by designing and building our own torches, complete with a working on/off switch. The children created a working circuit with a switch and bulb, and then worked together to incorporate their circuits into their chosen casing.

Y4 Perse Drama 

4.1 really enjoyed a term of drama workshops with a group of sixth form students from The Perse. In groups they explored different role-playing games, and prepared a series of performances based around the theme of Superheroes.

Y4 Half Investigation 

In Maths we explored the idea of ‘half’. We looked at how many different ways we could represent half using a single square of paper. After identifying simple ways we could fold the paper in half, we then used our understanding of area to find a whole range of exciting shapes! 

Y4 Bread Tasting & Making 

In DT we tasted some samples of flatbreads and dips, and then worked in groups to design and bake their own flatbreads. The children were very inventive with their recipes, and everyone enjoyed eating their finished products!

Y4 Raft Making 

As part of our recent English unit looking at ‘The Whale’ by Ethan Murrow and Vita Murrow, we worked in groups to build own own rafts which needed to brave the turbulent waters of the big blue box! Children collected natural materials from the school field and combined these with some junk modelling equipment, and we were delighted to find that (almost!) all of the rafts survived the water test.

World Book Day

March 2023

World Book Day was celebrated on Thursday 3rd March and in the days following, pupils have completed a number of fun book based tasks.  On Thursday, we all dressed down in our pajamas to celebrate the importance of reading and especially to encourage bedtime reading. We read a story with our teachers and had milk and cookies to celebrate. Other activities in the past few days have included a classroom door decorating competition, making our own bookmarks, discussing our recommended reads, going to the Book Fair and we even played a game where we had to describe a book character for our friend to draw and see if they could guess who it was! The hugely popular book fair has been in school this week – thank you to those of you who have bought books either in person at our fair or online through our special link.

Door Competition  

Miss Simmons set the whole school a challenge to decorate our classroom doors based upon a book. We all had a wonderful time being creative and made some amazing bookish entrances to our classrooms. Which one do you like best?


Sound in Science

4.2 have explored ‘Sound’ in Science, discovering it is all about vibrating matter. We discovered sound travels slower than light and that outer space is silent because it is a vacuum. Our topic on the Ancient Romans has been so interesting and the children worked so hard on their Class Assembly showing off their knowledge to the rest of the school and an audience of parents. In design and technology we made banners in the style of the Ancient Romans. The children learnt a simple running stitch, as well as how to apply a design to a fabric background, and finally how to mount their design so that it could be paraded ‘in battle’ on Roman Day!

Roman Day

Year 4 enjoyed a (chilly!) Roman Day in the penultimate week of term. The children designed and made their own Roman shields, created some mosaic artwork, and even took part in a paper snowball battle which gave the children a chance to put their Roman battle formations to the test!

Changes Topic

Class 4.2 started the term thinking hard about the values we hold as a class. Our Mission Statement includes kindness, respect and hard work, as well as having plenty of fun whilst we learn!

Our topic for the Autumn term has been ‘Changes’ and has included learning about geographical changes, emotional changes, and scientific changes. These scientific changes have led us into investigating changes of state and how water can change from a solid to a liquid and then to a gas. In Class 4.2 have been exploring this idea in our PE lessons, and the children have created amazing, expressive dances to show these transitions happening and illustrate each state of matter, accompanied by music.

We have also been writing descriptive settings and balanced arguments, as well as concentrating hard on our handwriting. Our class goal is that everyone manages to be awarded their pen licence before the Christmas holidays!


In Maths in the Autumn Term, year 4 have been developing our place value knowledge and also learning about addition and subtraction. We enjoyed working in pairs, using practical resources to try and demonstrate how exchanging takes place in subtraction problems.

Roald Dahl Day 2022

On 13th September, Queen Edith was delightfully taken over by a whole host of mischief-making Big Friendly Giants, Oompa-Loompas and Matildas! We celebrated Roald Dahl day (on his birthday) by dressing up as one of his fantastic characters, or simply wearing his favourite colour – yummy yellow! It was a great way to introduce his writing to the children and to have fun with reading in a creative way.