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Nursery Closure

Nursery will be closed on 4th and 5th September. Nursery will open again on Friday the 6th September to any children who usually attend a Friday session.

Governing body

Parent Governors

Dr Harriet Phillips, Queen Emma

Dr Ambili Nair, Queen Edith

Local Authority Governor

Dr Sean Lang

Head Teacher

Mrs Caroline Peet

Elected Staff Governor

Ms Nicola Simmons

Partnership Governors

Rev Steve Rothwell

Mrs Penny Coltman (Chair)

Mr Richard Wilson

Co-opted Governors

3 Vacancies

Mrs Sarah Attle

Mrs Natalie Boyd

Mrs Andrea Byford

Mr Gabriele Corliano

Dr Alison Maguire

Dr Simon Pacey

Mrs Charlie Phillips

Dr Esther Van Sluijs

Mr Stanley Wilson

Mrs Lili Zhao

Associate Members (No Voting Rights)

Mrs Hayley Brooker

Mrs Clare Chapman

Mrs Penny Hill

Miss Julia Neal

Ms Cath Stubbs

Mrs Cathy Swift


Zoe Vassiliou