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Pupil Premium

Funding Queen Edith 2015-2018

In 2011-12 the Government launched Pupil Premium Funding. It is money received by the school to provide additional support for children from less advantaged background. Children eligible for free school meals (or have been in the last 6 years) all qualify for the additional support along with service children and those who are looked after by the Local Authority or adopted.

In 2016-17 we will receive £87,840.

In 2017-18 we will receive £84,620 for 66 children.

Over time the list of support has developed as we have analysed carefully the impact of each of our interventions across the federation. The support recognises both our desire to accelerate the progress of all the children and to ensure we meet the emotional needs of our most vulnerable children who, due to cuts in services across both health and education, frequently cannot access the services they need.

We also believe that some of the children do not have the experiences that ensure they are well motivated and can engage with education and develop the vocabulary of their peers. We thus wish to give all our Pupil Premium children the opportunity to take part in lots of sporting activities and clubs, go on residential trips and regularly have inspirational opportunities such as choosing books at our book fayres, attend concerts and go to our Saturday theatre groups.

We also want all our children to feel fully including in school life which includes wearing school uniform and having all the equipment that they need.

Funding ActivityAmountRational
Small group teaching in Year 6 for Literacy and Numeracy 4 mornings a week2016-17 £10,000 2017-18 £10,000The additional experienced teacher is responsible for the lowest group and targets the specific needs of these children throughout the year. This reduces the size of all the groups in Year 6 which is a benefit to all children.
Additional Teacher time for children in Year 2-52016-17 £9,000 2017-18 £9,000Carefully targeted teacher time to take small groups and individuals who are falling behind the expected standards in reading writing and maths.
Additional TA time for children in Reception and Year 12016-17 £6,000 2017-18 £6,000 TA time provides the PP children with academic support in small groups or individually to help them reach their full potential.
Maths booster class2016-17 £1,000 2017-18 £1,000This is an after school club runs specifically for children who need additional support in Year 6 to reach expected standards before going to secondary school.
Counselling2016-17 £10,000 2017-18 £10,000Children are offered counselling to help when they are experiencing challenging times at home or for example need support with friendship problems, self-esteem or anxiety.?
Family Worker2016-17 £10,000 2017-18 £10,000 Our family worker is available to support both parents and children who need advice and guidance. She is a link between home and school and encourages parents to take a full and active role in their children?s education.
Higher level TA2016-17 £10,000 2017-18 £10,000TA with expertise in meeting the needs of children with challenging behaviour. The provision of a chill out club at lunchtime for children who find the playground overwhelming.
School Clinician Hey Cambridge2016-17 £20,000 2017-18 £20,000The school is now employing our own clinician to offer specialist support for children struggling with educational expectations. She can provide an assessment and advice to families and teachers and a short course to promote positive engagement with school and hopefully accelerate progress if necessary. She can also sign post us to other services or professional advice if this is needed.
Additional Opportunities2016 -17 £2,500 2017-18 £2,500Children are offered the opportunity to attend a wide range of clubs and extra-curricular activities such as theatre groups, concerts, cookery club etc. Some children are offered holiday provision and/or catch up packs.
Residential Trips2016-17 £1,500 2017-18 £1,500Funds to enable us to reduce the cost of the residential trips in Year 5 and 6.
Uniform offer2016-17 £1,500 2017-18 £1,500A grant to encourage all children to wear school uniform and to have the equipment they need to take part in PE and Swimming.
TLR for P champion£2,000Funding to provide additional support to develop the opportunities for PP children and to monitor the provision for each child.?


Pupil Premium money is a great bonus and allows us to carefully target appropriate academic and pastoral support to children, as and when they need it.  We endeavour to meet the needs of each individual with a tailored package of provision.  We know that the additional opportunities have a positive impact on the children’s learning attitudes and confidence, as well as academic achievement.

The teaching staff review the provision for each child regularly and the governors and staff monitor the progress of the Pupil Premium children rigorously throughout the year. Each cohort of Pupil Premium children is small and often includes children with complex needs, consequently the results can vary considerably from year to year.  However, the results often include a good proportion of the children making expected progress and better.

Year 1 Phonics Results

QEd PPNational PPQEd OverallNational Overall
201758% (12)TBA81%TBA

Pleasingly, for the second year running over 50% of PP children passed the Y1 check due to additional targeted interventions. However, fewer PP children continue to pass the check than at Queen Edith overall and compared to similar children nationally. We are continuing to try to close this gap.

Key Stage 1 Results

Working atGreater depthWorking atGreater depthWorking atGreater depth
QEd PP (3)33%0%33%0%33%0%
QEd Overall77%25%65%20%78%22%

In 2017, we had an unusually small cohort of PP children. 2 of the children had significant special educational needs and made good progress from a lower baseline. The other child achieved the expected standard in all subjects.

Previous Key Stage 1 Results

Working at ExpectedGreater DepthWorking at ExpectedGreater DepthWorking at ExpectedGreater Depth
QEd PP (11)36%0%45%0%45%0%
National PP62%13%53%7%60%10%
QEd Overall72%38%71%24%74%17%
National Overall74%24%65%13%73%18%

Our PP children in this cohort are a weak group who have struggled both to make expected progress at the end of Reception and to achieve the higher expectations at the end of KS1. Next year we plan to continue to support the children with additional TA and teaching support to help accelerate progress.

2015 PP60%0%60%0%60%0%
2015 All88%83%33%90%70%13%92%83%21%

End of KS2 Results

2017RWM CombinedReadingMathsWriting
Working at ExpectedGreater depthWorking at Expected (scaled score 100+)Working at Expected (scaled score 100+)Working at ExpectedGreater depth
QEd PP (18)28%0%56%50%33%0%
QEd Overall61%8%74%82%63%9%
National Overall61%9%71%75%76%18%

The 2017 PP cohort was weaker overall than in 2016 with a greater number of children with complex needs. However, due to the impact of Y6 booster classes and additional interventions including Inference Training and the After-school Maths Club, most of our PP children made good progress in Y6 and half of our PP children achieved the expected standard in Reading and Maths. We will continue to adapt our interventions this year to try to raise these results further and to increase the number of PP children reaching the expected standard in Writing.

Previous End of KS2 Results

Working at ExpectedGreater depthWorking at Expected (scaled score 100+)Working at Expected (scaled score 100+)Working at ExpectedGreater depth
QEd PP (9)33%0%67%78%33%0%
National PP39%2%53%57%64%18%
QEd Overall71%3%81%86%75%7%
National Overall53%5%66%70%74%15%

Pupil Premium children achieved above average in reading and maths, compared to both overall national and PP national, which we were delighted about. Fewer pupil premium children achieved the expected standard in writing compared to the national and PP average, which meant that overall in reading, writing and maths, Queen Edith PP children scored below average. We will be looking at ways to increase children’s writing attainment.

2015% L4+% L5+% 2 levels of progress
No of PP ch891289128912
Reading all938985.5574548.21009689
Reading PP718858.329448.310010067
Writing all788187.3313032.1949492
Writing PP437866.629110838878
Maths all908985.5486051.8949496
Maths PP577866.6292217677589

KS2 Internal Teacher Assessments

Due to small numbers of children, our internal data on our PP children can vary significantly year on year. However, we are pleased with the good progress many of our PP children are making, sometimes from very low starting points.

Good or better progress in 2016-17ReadingWritingMaths
Year 3 (11)82%73%91%
Year 4 (4)50%75%75%
Year 5 (7)71%71%57%
Year 6 (18)72%44%72%

In 2017-18, we will be tracking particularly closely those PP children who did not make good or better progress to try to help them make up this ground in the following year. We will also be reviewing our provision for writing in Year 6 to help more PP children make faster progress.

Good or better progress in 2015-16ReadingWritingMaths
Year 3 (5)80%40%80%
Year 4 (8)75%88%63%
Year 5 (16)100%69%100%