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Year 6

On these pages you will find important information about life in Year 6, including our termly topic sheet, and photos of the Year 6 staff, so you can put a face to the names your child mentions. Please also take the time to visit the Learning in Year 6 page for photos of recent activities and examples of the children’s work.

We are on duty on the Key Stage 2 playground after school on Fridays. Do catch us if you would like a quick chat, or, if you want to talk in more depth, you can also arrange an appointment by sending in a note, or contacting the school office.

Miss Thurston and Miss McIlveen



Miss McIlveen

6.1 Teacher

Miss Thurston

Teacher 6.2
Later Years Phase Leader

Mrs Galantini


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Netherhall Cross Country Competition

It was a beautiful day for the Cross Country competition held at Netherhall school on Friday 30th November. Attending the event were runners from years 3 to 6, with separate races for boys and girls. It was wonderful to see the team spirit of Queen Edith, who represented the school brilliantly, and persevered to run the 1500m course. A huge well done to all of the children selected to run and an extra special congratulations must go to Josiah and Emma for bringing back a gold medal!


Year 6

Positional Language in Maths

In Maths, Year 6 have been looking at position and direction as well as recapping some maths language. One group went to the hall to have an active session using hoops, balls, mats and other sports equipment. We had been set a series of challenges by our teacher and needed to see if we could meet them. First we tried making 2 ½ rolls in one go and working out how many degrees this was. We couldn’t do forward rolls as we needed to always land on our heads with our heels in the air (not safe!) but we could do pencil rolls! We also had to see how many rotations of a hoop we could do in 30 seconds, then find out if we could do it both clockwise and anticlockwise. There were lots more and we had great fun!


Year 6

Coding on iPads

Year 6 have been working with iPads recently. In maths we’ve played games with coordinates; in topic we’ve been documenting the progress of our fairground rides and in computing lessons we’ve had to code some popular games. Pupils have also learned how to use features (like AirDrop and mark-up tools) to screenshot, label and send our work to our teachers so that they can see what we’ve been doing. Some of the Year 6’s have been made digital leaders to help around the school in other classrooms too – well done!


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Queen Edith Football Teams

On Thursday 11th October the Queen Edith boys and girls football teams took part in the ESFA football competition at Netherhall School.
The girls team faced some tough competition but performed extremely well to record 3 victories and 2 defeats in their 5 games, meaning they finished 3rd in their group of 6 teams. This meant they just missed out on playing in the play-offs for the 3rd place medal. Well done to all of the girls who took part!

The boys team had an excellent start to the tournament, winning 4 and drawing 1 of their 5 group games and only conceding one goal in the 5 games. This meant Queen Edith won their group and progressed to the final.
After a tight game the match eventually ended 0-0 which meant a penalty shoot-out was needed to decide a winner. The boys did very well to keep their nerve in the shoot-out and won the final 2-0 on penalties!
As a result the boys team have progressed to the county finals, where they will represent Cambridge in the next round of the tournament.


Year 6

Electrical Circuits

As our first Science lesson in our new topic of Fairgrounds and Fairytales, we got out the electrical equipment and made simple circuits in pairs. We used different components of a motor, a buzzer or a lightbulb. We looked at scientific symbols for the items we used and drew our own before explaining how the circuit worked. We are looking forward to more!


Year 6

Fireworks art

After spending some time chatting about how to be safe on fireworks night, Year 6 spent some time on Monday afternoon creating firework art with black paper, chalk and oil pastels. We were able to smudge them slightly and created some super artwork!



Year 6

Varying sentence lengths for effect


In English class on Halloween, Year 6 were tasked to create a short paragraph that was as scary as possible, placing emphasis on certain words or pauses that would affect the reader. We wrote these in an eerie silence, then read them aloud in darkness with just a torch to set the mood.

Here are some of our paragraphs – which one do you think is most effective and why?

It started dashing towards me, adrenaline filling my veins as my legs desperately carried me away. I ran to the end of the hall and the noise stopped. I could no longer feel its presence lumbering behind me. I turned around. It was gone. I decided it would be a good time to escape, so I did just that. I was about to turn the corner when I stopped, but what I thought were my footsteps continued behind me.

by JI

A door creaked behind me while I ran and tripped over a loose floorboard before falling in some glue-like muck, only it was……… sticky! CRASH! I heard a noise and I knew I had to escape. Footsteps. They grew closer. Just in time as the insane, bladed monster burst through the door………

by YL

The hatch slammed shut. Trapped in the bowels of a warship. The squad of commandos had arrived here, in the Pacific, 7 days ago. Sent to reach the Japanese admiral and destroy the ship. Footsteps. “Hide!” “Get ready!” Suddenly, a cough. The man turned around. Discovered. A burst of machine gun fire and soldiers – “Allied and Axis – “sprawled all over the deck. None of them stood a chance…….

by AB

My heart was pounding. Turning around, the old rickety gate swung shut with a creak. Eeeeek. It had opened again. In the dark corner of the garden, I found a pair of fierce red eyes staring at me. “What was it? I asked myself. I ran out of the garden. In the distance, a wolf was howling. An eerie silence pinched the night sky. Aaaaoooooooooooo! More howling. Without looking back, I just ran…..

by LC



Year 6

Gymnastics performance


To finish our gymnastics unit on symmetry and asymmetry, we joined forces with students across classes and practised, performed and perfected these routines. There were some outstanding “challenge yourself” behaviours being shown and wonderful teamwork across the year group. Well done to everyone!



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Paired Reading


Year 6 have paired up with a buddy from Year 3 to enjoy books. The Year 3’s have enjoyed reading to the older children and, in turn, the Year 6’s have felt very responsible being allowed to write in their reading records – even awarding house points! We’re looking forward to some more lovely times working together!


Year 6

Hansel & Gretel


On Wednesday 31st October, Year 2 and Year 6 enjoyed a wonderful performance of Hansel and Gretel by Pendle Productions. We were treated to lots of singing and dancing, a beautiful backdrop and two very energetic performers. It was interesting to discuss the differences in this retelling compared to the traditional tale in our classes afterwards. It was the perfect introduction to our current topic: Fairytales.


Year 6

Blitz Art


This week, Year 6 have been working to create art which shows the skyline of London before, during or after the Blitz. We learned about the German bombing offensive against Britain in 1940 and 1941 then looked at images of the destruction and devastation caused by the shells. At first, we washed our white paper with watercolours in hues that we had decided would be accurate, then we decided upon a black silhouette for our skyline and either cut or ripped it to fit over our sky. It looks really effective, we think!



Year 6

Duxford Trip


This half term, Year 6 spent a wonderful day at Duxford Imperial War Museum as part of our topic on World War 2. We visited Hangars 8, 4 and 1 to look at the vast array of different exhibits and followed trails made by our teachers to really ensure that we were looking closely. We especially loved their ‘Heavy Drop’ exhibit, the Normandy experience with armour and weapons as well as the range of interactive Science tools which let us play with forces and engines. It was great fun!


Year 6



Our new librarians have been appointed! These children have volunteered to help to run our relatively new library. They’re looking forward to the challenge and want as many pupils to benefit from our beautiful reading space.



Year 6

Paul Nash Artwork


This half term in Art lessons we have been studying Paul Nash and trying to look closely at his work. We discussed artwork such as The Battle of Britain, Totes Meer, Battle of Germany and Defense of Albion. The somber tones and colours, as well as the marred landscapes, were great points for debate. We chose our favourite one and tried to replicate a small area of it in his style before creating our own Nash-ish watercolour.



Year 6

Performing in Assembly


Pupils from KS2 have been volunteering to perform a range of musical instruments while children are walking into assembly. Congratulations to those who have successfully performed in front of their peers – we’re loving the opportunity in Year 6!



Year 6



Year 6 have been participating in Bikeability training. We spent a day on the playground learning how to start and stop safely, and how to look after our bikes. Then we went out on the nearby roads to test our skills and learn how to be safe around others – pedestrians or vehicles.



Year 6

World War II


This half term, Year 6 are learning about World War II. In one of our first topic lessons, we looked at the countries that were involved and whether they were allies, neutral or an axis power. We used our knowledge from previous lessons, our own research, and the atlases to help us colour code our own maps of Europe.