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Year 5

Thank you for visiting the Year 5 page! We hope you enjoy looking at what we have been doing.

On these pages you will find important Information about life in Year 5, including our termly topic sheet, and photos of the Year 5 staff, so you can put a face to the names your child mentions.

Please also take the time to visit the Learning page for photos of recent activities and examples of the children’s work.


Mrs Santocchini

5.2 Teacher (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday)

Mrs Cawley

5.2 Teacher (Thursday and Friday)

Miss A Rosier

5.1 Teacher

Whats been happeningYear 5

Meet the Scientists!

The MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology (MRC LMB) in Cambridge is running their 2022 Microscopes4schools Competition and have invited us to take part!

The children in Y5 have been using a hand-held digital microscope, provided to the school for two weeks, to take images of biological samples that they have collected.

What a unique experience!


Whats been happeningYear 5

Art – Summer 2022

This half term, the Y5 children have been creating the most amazing Egyptian patterns, printed on fabric, using the Block Printing technique.

They used the samples we saw at the Fitzwilliam Museum for inspiration.


Year 5

5.2 Class Assembly


Whats been happeningYear 5

Summer Term A 2022

Written by our 5.1 reporter this week:

 This Summer half-term, 5.1 have been learning about Ancient Egypt and their lives. We have learnt about why the River Nile was so important to them. Also, we have enjoyed learning about mummification(the process where a body is made into a mummy). 

In English, we have been writing a diary entry from a camels point of view. We are currently writing a story about Tadeo Jones (a fictional character) thinking about showing how he is feeling rather than just saying e.g ‘salty tears streamed from Tadeo’s eyes’, rather than ‘Tadeo is sad’. 

In Maths, we have worked on adding and subtracting decimals. Currently, we are working on several types of angles and their degree turn e.g quarter turn clockwise = 90 degrees clockwise.

In Science, we are looking at materials and their properties. Here are some photos of our experiment this week into transparent, translucent and opaque materials. 



Whats been happeningYear 5

Drama Partnership with The Perse

5.1 have thoroughly enjoyed working alongside students from the Perse throughout a series of Drama workshops over the past half term. We have got so much joy from experimenting with ways to express ourselves! We owe the Perse a BIG thank you.


Whats been happeningYear 5

World Book Day

We had a really fun World Book Day this year. There was extra excitement in Y5, as we also received some wonderful new non-fiction books for our library! Thank you Miss Thurston!


Whats been happeningYear 5

Science Week – Year 5

Year 5 had a really exciting Science week. We were enormously grateful to welcome 3 guest Scientists in class, who came to teach us about their expertise. In each session, we did something hands-on; learning about antibodies and magnetic materials amongst other things. A HUGE thank you to our visitors!


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World Book Day 2022!

Everyone in Queen Edith celebrated World Book Day with a whole week of events! Each year group read ‘We’re All Wonders’ written by R J Palacio.

We’re All Wonders is a text for younger readers based on Wonder and shows what it’s like to live in Auggie’s world – a world in which he feels like any other kid, but he’s not always seen that way. We discussed themes of belonging, being seen, empathy, difference and kindness. Each year group had a project that they carried out linked to this text.

Nursery painted beautiful self-portraits with the title We’re All Wonders.

Reception children wrote individual letters to Mrs Jarman telling her how they are all special.

In Years 1 & 2, children used the text to inspire them and wrote their own recipes for kindness, to create a kind person 

In Year 3, they wrote a letter from Auggie to his friends on Pluto, exploring his experiences and feelings. They started when people were mean to him, then looked at visiting Pluto, to making his first friend who saw him as a wonder.

Year 4 created a diary entry, empathising with the main character of August, revealing his emotions both before and after his first day of school. They also wrote a letter to the Plutonians to show how Auggie was feeling after making new friends.

In Later Years, pupils used both We’re All Wonders and the original story of Wonder to look at inferences within reading, family dynamics, anti-bullying targets, emotive language and diary entries. We chose one of the children from Auggie’s school tour and wrote as one of them, framing our writing from a different perspective, not that of the protagonist. Some chose Julian, the school bully; Charlotte, the friendly but self-obsessed drama fanatic, or Jack Will, the friendly boy who sees with kindness and becomes Auggie’s best friend.

Our Book Fair was a huge success with us receiving ‘rewards’ per class for books to choose for our book shelves and also ‘rewards’ for us to spend on widening our representation of texts. Thank you to all who bought books and, in turn, supported the school!


Whats been happeningYear 5

Shepreth Wildlife Park Visit – February 2022

Year 5 had a wonderful trip to Shepreth Wildlife Park today. What a lovely way to end the half term. Thank you so much to all the parent volunteers that came along! Here are some photos.


Whats been happeningYear 5

PE – African Dance – Spring 2022

5.1 had an exciting finale of our African Dance unit in PE this week. We worked beautifully in our groups and performed wonderful movement sequences inspired by African dance. We ALL performed, thanks to the encouragement of peers. We managed to use levels, unison, mirroring and canon in our performances. Well done 5.1!


Whats been happeningYear 5

Art – Animal Masks – Spring 2022

5.1 have been working on the papier mache stage of our African animal masks. We created relief using layers of cardboard and then molded papier mache over the top to create texture. We’re looking forward to painting our masks after the half term break!


Whats been happeningYear 5

Maths – Spring 2022

In Maths, Y5 children have been working on multiplications and divisions. They have learnt how to multiply four- digit by two-digit numbers. They have also been practising how to divide four digits by one !


Whats been happeningYear 5

EAL – ‘Journey to Jo’Burg’ – Spring 2022

In English, the children who have English as an additional language, have been using individual flashcards to create their own version of an extract linked to our class read “Journey to Jo’burg”.


Whats been happeningYear 5

Art – Amazing Africa – Spring 2022

In Art, the children have started a new project linked to our Amazing Africa topic: they will be creating sculptures of African Animals using cardboard. First, the children designed their Animal Masks in sketch books, before using the contour technique to transfer the outline on cardboard. They then cut the basic shape and have now started creating areas of relief- using extra cardboard -to achieve a 3D effect. They will use papier mache and will finally paint their masks. We will show the final results soon!


Whats been happeningYear 5

Making 3D Boxes

Year 5 were set the challenge of making a structurally stable 3d box this week using paper but no scissors, glue or sellotape. They had to use conjecturing, working backwards and visualising skills. Well done Year 5- we ended up with some beautiful gift boxes to go under the tree!


Whats been happeningYear 5

Year 5 EAL – Autumn 2021

Our Year 5 children who are were new to English in September have been making working so hard! Here is some of the activities we have been doing and their BEAUTIFUL stories about a Viking warrior, which they independently sequenced and un-jumbled the sentences for. We are so proud of their amazing progress.


Whats been happeningYear 5

English – Viking Character Descriptions

In English, we have produced amazing Viking Character descriptions using expanded noun phrases, relative clauses and powerful vocabulary to add details.

We got inspired by images and stories of mighty Viking and Anglo-Saxon warriors.


Whats been happeningYear 5

Viking Art Work –

In Art, we have created portraits of warriors and images of Viking Long boats.

The children loved their final results!


Whats been happeningYear 5

Reading – Wolf Brother – Autumn 2021

This half term, our class read is WOLF BROTHER.

Wolf Brother is the first book in the series Chronicles of Ancient Darkness by Michelle Pave. The children are enjoying this page-turning novel so much that they have started reading  other books of this amazing saga.



Whats been happeningYear 5

What’s Been Happening -Year 5 – Autumn Term 1

Written by Year 5 reporters.

In Year 5 this half term, our topic has been Space. We have been learning lots of incredible things about our super Solar System.

In Maths this half term, we began by learning about place value up to a million including negative numbers and rounding. After that, we learnt methods for addition and subtraction and finally we learnt about different ways of representing data in statistics. We have drawn and interpreted tables and line graphs.

This half term in English, we wrote a narrative about a lonely baboon on the majestic moon. We have also been writing a newspaper report about the moon landing in 1969 and the 3 American astronauts who went on the Apollo 11 mission.

In Science, we have learnt mostly about the three celestial bodies which are the Sun, the Moon and the Earth. We have learnt that there are different phases of the moon depending on which lit up part of the Moon we see as the Earth spins on its axis. We know about the relative sizes of the planets in our Solar System and the orbital paths of the Earth and Moon.

We hope you enjoyed hearing about our amazing work in our classes. Here are some pictures for you to look at.