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Year 4 Learning

Mr Blower

4.1 Teacher
Middle Years Phase Leader

Mrs Rogers

4.2 Teacher

Year 4


In Year 4 this half term we have been learning about electricity and what you need to make a circuit. In this investigation, we were trying to figure out which materials are conductors (allow electricity to flow through) and which materials are insulators (don’t allow electricity to flow through). We found out that most metal objects were conductors and most other materials like plastic, cloth and paper are insulators.




Year 4


In Year 4, we have been learning about decimals. When you multiply a number by 10, you move all the digits one place to the left. When you divide a number by 10, you move all the digits one place to the right. We learned that if a digit in the ones column moves to the right, it goes into the tenths column, after the decimal point. Notice how the decimal point has a chair to sit on; that’s because it never moves!


Year 4

Year 4 St Faiths Maths Challenge

Four mathematicians from Year 4 travelled to St Faith’s School for the annual Maths Challenge, competing against children from 30 other schools. In teams of two, they had to do rapid mental addition, find the next number in sequences, make 24 using given numbers, and other fun challenges. Both teams did really well and were excellent representatives of our school!