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Queen Edith Primary School Summer Fete

Saturday 21st May 2022   1 – 4pm
Traditional Summer Fete fun for all the family – All Welcome!




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3.1 Teacher
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3.1 Teacher

Year 3

3.2 Class Assembly – Stone Age


Whats been happeningYear 3

Easter Egg Hunt Story

In Year 3 we used the iPads to create an Easter Egg adventure story. Using Powerpoint, we could animate the characters and items in the story. When our story was finished, we used AirDrop to send it to a friend’s iPad, so they could enjoy it.


Whats been happeningYear 3

Red Nose Day 2022

The children in 3.2 enjoyed dressing up for Red Nose Day, and raised lots of money by bringing in a contribution which they placed in the magic cat box!


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World Book Day 2022!

Everyone in Queen Edith celebrated World Book Day with a whole week of events! Each year group read ‘We’re All Wonders’ written by R J Palacio.

We’re All Wonders is a text for younger readers based on Wonder and shows what it’s like to live in Auggie’s world – a world in which he feels like any other kid, but he’s not always seen that way. We discussed themes of belonging, being seen, empathy, difference and kindness. Each year group had a project that they carried out linked to this text.

Nursery painted beautiful self-portraits with the title We’re All Wonders.

Reception children wrote individual letters to Mrs Jarman telling her how they are all special.

In Years 1 & 2, children used the text to inspire them and wrote their own recipes for kindness, to create a kind person 

In Year 3, they wrote a letter from Auggie to his friends on Pluto, exploring his experiences and feelings. They started when people were mean to him, then looked at visiting Pluto, to making his first friend who saw him as a wonder.

Year 4 created a diary entry, empathising with the main character of August, revealing his emotions both before and after his first day of school. They also wrote a letter to the Plutonians to show how Auggie was feeling after making new friends.

In Later Years, pupils used both We’re All Wonders and the original story of Wonder to look at inferences within reading, family dynamics, anti-bullying targets, emotive language and diary entries. We chose one of the children from Auggie’s school tour and wrote as one of them, framing our writing from a different perspective, not that of the protagonist. Some chose Julian, the school bully; Charlotte, the friendly but self-obsessed drama fanatic, or Jack Will, the friendly boy who sees with kindness and becomes Auggie’s best friend.

Our Book Fair was a huge success with us receiving ‘rewards’ per class for books to choose for our book shelves and also ‘rewards’ for us to spend on widening our representation of texts. Thank you to all who bought books and, in turn, supported the school!


Whats been happeningYear 3

Science – Amazing Animals – Spring 2022


In our Amazing Animals Science topic, we have been looking at skeletons of humans and animals. There are two types of skeleton, endoskeletons like ours which are made of bones inside the body, and exoskeletons like a crabs, which is made of chitin on the outside of the body. Animals can also be divided into vertebrates, with a backbone, and invertebrates, which do not have one. We sorted some animal pictures into vertebrates and invertebrates, and also wrote an Endoskeleton vs Exoskeleton comparison.


Whats been happeningYear 3

Music – Recorder Concert – Autumn 2021

In Year 3 we had a recorder concert on the last day of term. We have been learning to play lots of different tunes, and the two classes took turns to perform to one another. 3.1 played Caterpillar Bye Bye  and Traffic Jam; 3.2 played Gypsy Dance and Hot Cross Buns.


Whats been happeningYear 3

Science – Forces – Autumn 2021

In our Forces topic in Science, 3.2 have been investigating how well balls rolled on different surfaces. We first planned which variables we would keep the same and what we would change. We then made a ramp and rolled a ball on different surfaces, like the table top, grass, carpet and paving slabs. The next week, we used the iPads to enter the data on Purple Mash and created a bar chart to show our results.


Whats been happeningYear 3

Science – Shadow Puppets – Autumn 2021

We investigated which materials were transparent, translucent and opaque. We found that black card was very opaque, so it was the best material to make shadow puppets. We also found that if you moved the puppet closer to the torch, the shadow grew larger.


Whats been happeningYear 3

Science – Ramps – Autumn 2021

To investigate how well balls rolled on different surfaces, we first planned which variables we would keep the same and what we would change. We then made a ramp and rolled a ball on different surfaces, like the table top, grass, carpet and paving slabs. We measured how far the ball rolled and recorded it in a table. The next week, we used the iPads to enter the data on Purple Mash and created bar charts that show our results.


Whats been happeningYear 3

Maths – Place Value – Autumn 2021

The children have been using base 10 and place value charts to practise exchanging 1 ten for 10 ones, or 10 tens for 1 hundred. We need to do this when we are adding or subtracting two- and three-digit numbers.


Whats been happeningYear 3

Topic – Greek Pots – Autumn 2021

After looking at the shape and decoration on ancient Greek pots, we used clay to make our own pots. We then used the same colours and patterns to decorate our pots. We took a lot of care to fix the handles on securely, and most of them stayed attached!


Whats been happeningYear 3

Geography – France – Autumn 2021

As part of our Geography topic about France, we found different European countries and capital cities in an atlas. Then we marked them on our own maps. Later, we named cities, rivers and mountain ranges on a map of France.


Whats been happeningYear 3

Art – Colour Wheel – Autumn 2021

At the start of our French art topic, we practised our colour mixing skills by painting a colour wheel. We painted the three primary colours first: red, yellow and blue. Then we mixed them together in pairs to make the secondary colours: orange, green and purple.