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Year 3 Learning

Mr Blower

3.2 Teacher
Middle Years Phase Leader

Mrs Bharadwa

3.1 Teacher
2.1 Teacher (Wednesday)

Mrs Elliott

3.1 Teacher

Whats been happeningYear 3


In science, 3.2 thought of three questions they wanted to try to answer. They were all inspired by our Year 3 garden:

  • How many ladybird larvae can be seen on one plant?
  • Which types of insect live on the plants in the Year 3 garden?
  • Which plant is the most popular for insects to go on?

As you can see from the photos, we found lots of insects (especially aphids and ladybird larvae to eat them!)

All three groups managed to find answers to their question.


Year 3

Odd Sock Day!

On Friday, at the end of Anti-Bullying week, we wore odd socks to celebrate that we are all unique, but we come together as a whole community at Queen Edith.


Year 3

Ancient Greek Theatre Masks

As part of our Ancient Greek topic, we learnt that actors wore masks. We decorated our own Greek theatre masks and watched a short piece of a Greek play.


Year 3

Shadow Puppets

As part of our science topic on Light and Dark, we predicted which material would be best for making shadow puppets. After we had discovered that black card worked well, we made shadow puppets and acted out a Greek myth.


Year 3

Ancient Greek Mini Olympics

We had a mini-Olympics to celebrate that the Ancient Greeks created the first Olympics. Although we couldn’t do the activities that the Ancient Greeks did, we had lots of fun moving from one activity to the next, and writing down our record scores!


Year 3

Ball-Rolling Experiment

In Year 3 we investigated how far a ball would roll on different surfaces. We were careful to keep everything about the experiment the same, using the same ball and the same ramp, except that we did the experiment on different surfaces. We found that on smooth surfaces, like the desk top, the ball rolled furthest, but on rough surfaces, like the grass, it rolled the shortest distance.



Year 3

Ancient Greek Clay Pots

We learnt that Ancient Greek pots came in all shapes and sizes. We made our own Greek pots using clay, then decorated them using the colours the Ancient Greeks used. It was hard to attach handles so that they didn’t drop off!


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