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Reception 2022 Visit

Reception 2022 Visit on Wednesday 12th January at 9.15am will now be a virtual event. Please call the School Office to be sent the Zoom link – (01223) 712200




Year 1 Learning

Miss Hayden

1.1 Teacher

Miss Wilson

1.2 Teacher

Whats been happeningYear 1


This half term, children in Year 1 have been creating artwork using a range of materials. They printed pictures using fruit and vegetables and paint to recreate artwork in the style of Orla Kiely. They had to think carefully about which colours to use in order create a repeating pattern. Children have also been making clay tiles and using a range of natural resources to print patterns into the tiles. They found a variety of leaves and feathers to use.


Whats been happeningYear 1

Maths – Capacity

Maths in Year One: Capacity

Children in Year One have been learning about Capacity in maths. They worked in groups to find out which containers could hold the most water. They carefully measured how many cups of water filled each one and recorded their results.  They thought carefully about how to ensure they did this accurately.


Whats been happeningYear 1

Castles Day

Castles Day: Year One
Our topic this half term has been ‘Castles’. Children have been exploring this through History lessons where they have used non-fiction information to find out about different types of castle and who lived there. This has also linked to their English lessons where they created their own fantasy stories set in a castle. At the end of the half term, we celebrated children’s learning with a ‘Castles day’. Children came to school dressed in different character costumes such as knights, princesses and dragons. Throughout the day we made catapults and shields. We also had a banquet and learned some medieval dancing. It was thoroughly enjoyed by all.


Year 1

Science in Year 1

In science this half term, children have been learning about material. Children sorted a range of items by their materials and talked about how we know what each material is. They then discussed the properties of different materials and sorted materials by these for example: plastic and glass can be transparent.


Year 1

Year 1 Maths – Shapes

In Year 1, children have been recapping their understanding of 2D and 3D shapes. They went on a shape hunt around the classroom to see which shapes are all around them! They then discussed the names and properties of shapes and used vocabulary including faces, edges, vertices, sides, curved and straight.


Year 1

History – Toys

This half term, children in Year 1 have been finding out about the history of toys. We rented a box from the Cambridge Folk Museum which contained old toys. Children talked about the materials that the toys were made out of and discussed changes that have happened to toys over the years. They loved exploring these in our busy learning session. Children then had a range of old and new toys and attempted to put these in age order.


Year 1


At the start of half-term Year 1 looked at fireworks. We learnt a poem about fireworks, thought about the different sounds fireworks make, wrote acrostic poems and created our own firework art using chalk and paint.