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Year 1

Thank you for visiting the Year 1 page! We hope you enjoy looking at what we have been doing.

On these pages you will find important information about life in Year 1, including our termly topic sheet, and photos of the Year 1 staff, so you can put a face to the names your child mentions.

Please also take the time to visit the Learning (in Year 1) page for photos of recent activities and examples of the children’s work. Many of our lessons have an element of hands on learning. We are always on the playground at the end of the day so please do come and talk to us if you have an queries or concerns.

Mrs Whittome and Mrs Phillips



Mrs Whittome

1.1 Teacher

Mrs Phillips

1.2 Teacher

Year 1

Fizzy or Calm

This week in Year 1 we have been finding more ways to be proactive. We are learning that we are in charge of our actions, attitudes and moods. To help us with this, we named lots of different moods and acted out what happens to our bodies when we feel them. We discussed how when we are nervous our tummies might have ‘butterflies’ and when we are frustrated our hands and faces might scrunch up.

We also talked about the difference between feeling fizzy and calm. We realised that sometimes it is great to feel excited and bouncy, like a bottle of cola, but other times it is better to be a ‘calm water bottle’.



Year 1


In Maths we have been learning the vocabulary:

“Just the right amount”

“Not enough”

“Too many”

We tried to share out the fruit fairly, but realised we had too many carrots and not enough apples. Fortunately we had just the right amount of tomatoes!



Year 1


In Science we are learning about our senses and our bodies. This week we learnt that the eye is an organ and we use lots of different equipment to help us see better. We enjoyed exploring the courtyard with magnifying glasses and discovering lots of tiny plants and animals.


Year 1


We synergised to make a video celebrating some of the ways we can be proactive.



Year 1

Birthday Cards

We enjoyed making birthday cards which we will use throughout the year to celebrate one another’s birthdays.


Year 1

Celebrating choosing time

We spotted patterns and compared the weight of different objects during our choosing time.


Year 1

Circle of Influence

Today we practised Habit 1: Be Proactive. We discussed what we are in control of. We realised that we are in control of ourselves and not in control of others. Here are some of the very sensible things we said:

“I can choose to use kind hands”

“I can choose to be nice to other people”

“I can’t choose the weather outside”


Year 1

Leaf Printing

We enjoyed printing with autumn leaves. We will share these on the habits tree in our classroom.


Year 1

Put first things first

We worked together to sort out what is more important and less important, so that we can put first things first.


Year 1

What I want to be like

1.2 Are beginning with the end in mind!

Today we shared what we want to be when we grow up. Here are some of our ideas:

“I want to be a nurse because they fix animals and people.”

“I want to be like William Buckland because I like dinosaurs”

“I want to be a fireman so I can take care of the world”

“I want to be like mummy because she makes nice cakes and wears necklaces”

“I want to be like Marshall because it’s a firefighter costume”

“I want to be like ghostbusters because they fight ghosts and it’s brave”

“I want to be a baker like my mummy because she makes super cakes”

“I want to be like my mummy because she makes my favourite food”

“I want to be a chef because you get money and cook food”

“I want to be a ballerina because I like dancing”

“I want to be a princess because they are kind”
“I want to be a nurse because they help people”


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Leader in Me

For the first 8 days of the Autumn term we have been introducing all the children to the 7 habits and our new whole school project: The Leader in Me.

Please see the link to our daily newsletters which introduced parents to each habit and our celebration day on Friday.

We are seeking to teach children that they are the leader of themselves and with the 7 habits they can become leaders of others.



Year 1

Identifying leaves

In Science we explored our school grounds using the woodland trust tree identification app. We had to observe different parts of each tree very carefully to help us identify it. We looked closely at the leaves, the branches, flowers and bark.

If you want to use the app at home you can find it here https://www.woodlandtrust.org.uk/visiting-woods/trees-woods-and-wildlife/british-trees/identify-trees-with-our-tree-id-app/


Year 1

Identifying parts of a plant

We were very excited to welcome Robert Macfarlane into school to talk to us about trees. We were inspired by his passion and enthusiasm for plants and nature and learnt lots about swifts and horse chestnut trees.


Year 1

Identifying parts of a tree

We were very excited to welcome Robert Macfarlane into school to talk to us about trees. We were inspired by his passion and enthusiasm for plants and nature and learnt lots about swifts and horse chestnut trees.


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World Book Day

To celebrate World Book Day on Thursday 7th March, all pupils at Queen Edith dressed up as animals! Look below at some of our lovely photos.

We all linked our English work to the book Welcome by Barroux. Reception children made their own islands inspired by those in the book. Year 1 designed a welcoming place for the monkeys from the story to stay in. Year 4 wrote inner monologues imagining that they were in that situation. Later Years pupils looked at Welcome and also Leaf, The Day War Came, The Island and The Arrival and found out about refugees around the world before writing diary entries, imagining that they were in that situation.