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Whats been happeningYear 2

English – The Jolly Postman

Children loved exploring The Jolly Postman book as part of our English unit on diary entries. After reading the story as a whole class, they spent some time carefully taking the letters out of the envelopes inside the book to enjoy reading with a partner. It was lovely to see how engaged they were!

Whats been happeningYear 2

Topic – High Street Experience

We have enjoyed learning all about the High Street and to celebrate finishing our topic, we opened a 2.1 and 2.2 High Street. First, children got into small groups and decided what their shop would be and which items they would sell. After, they designed their items and decided how much they were going to cost. The best part was when the High Street opened and children got to visit each other’s shops. They loved playing the roles of shopper and shopkeeper!

Whats been happeningYear 5

What’s Been Happening -Year 5 – Autumn Term 1

Written by Year 5 reporters.

In Year 5 this half term, our topic has been Space. We have been learning lots of incredible things about our super Solar System.

In Maths this half term, we began by learning about place value up to a million including negative numbers and rounding. After that, we learnt methods for addition and subtraction and finally we learnt about different ways of representing data in statistics. We have drawn and interpreted tables and line graphs.

This half term in English, we wrote a narrative about a lonely baboon on the majestic moon. We have also been writing a newspaper report about the moon landing in 1969 and the 3 American astronauts who went on the Apollo 11 mission.

In Science, we have learnt mostly about the three celestial bodies which are the Sun, the Moon and the Earth. We have learnt that there are different phases of the moon depending on which lit up part of the Moon we see as the Earth spins on its axis. We know about the relative sizes of the planets in our Solar System and the orbital paths of the Earth and Moon.

We hope you enjoyed hearing about our amazing work in our classes. Here are some pictures for you to look at.

Whats been happeningYear 6

World War 2 Day

October                                                                                                                                                                       To celebrate nearing the end our World War II topic, Year 6 enjoyed an experiential day where they participated in a range of exciting activities. These included baking honey cakes with rationed ingredients, creating replica paper spitfires, embroidering individual pieces of fabric to create our celebratory bunting, writing radio broadcasts, using telegrams, thinking about what we might take in an evacuee’s suitcase and translating Morse code messages. In the afternoon, we had lots of fun looking at an amazing Jeep from 1945 and feeling how heavy army equipment was before sampling our delicious jam sandwiches and honey cakes. Thank you so much to our parent volunteers for helping out!


Whats been happeningYear 6

Paired Reading

October                                                                                                                                                                  Year 6 have paired up with a buddy from Year 1 to enjoy books. The Year 1’s have enjoyed reading to the older children and, in turn, the Year 6’s have felt very responsible being allowed to write in their reading records – even awarding house points! We’re looking forward to some more lovely times working together!

Whats been happeningYear 6


September                                                                                                                                                            Our new librarians have been appointed! These children have volunteered to help to run our large library. They’re looking forward to the challenge and want as many pupils to benefit from our beautiful reading space.


Whats been happeningYear 6

Coleridge Maths Quiz – Autumn 2021 – Year 6

A Year 6 Student reports …

On Wednesday 29th of September, 12 students from Queen Edith Year 6 competed in a mathematical quiz which took place at Coleridge Community College. The 12 of us took part as two teams of six against participants from other local schools. There were three rounds, starting with number puzzles, then number crosswords and lastly a relay race which got our hearts beating fast. We had to work together as a team and be speedy with our arithmetic.

After all their hard work it was finally revealed that the two Queen Edith teams had come first and second! Congratulations to everyone who took part – we can’t wait to have the engraved trophy presented!

Whats been happeningYear 6

Science – Leaf Study – Autumn 2021 – Year 6

Year 6 took advantage of our lovely field space in Science recently. We’re studying plants and looking for key observable characteristics. We each chose the most interesting leaf we could find and then took it indoors to discuss. We then created a branch diagram to help us work out what sort of leaf it was!

Whats been happeningYear 6

Mathematics – Negative Numbers – Autumn 2021 – Year 6

Year 6 have been revising negative numbers and played a bingo style game in pairs using dice. We had great fun and had lots of practise with subtracting across zero.

Whats been happeningYear 6

World War II – Year 6

This half term, Year 6 are learning about World War II. In one of our first topic lessons, we looked at the countries that were involved and whether they were allies, neutral or an axis power. We used our knowledge from previous lessons, our own research, and the atlases to help us colour code our own maps of Europe.


Whats been happeningYear 2

Science – Fruit Dissection – Year 2

Year 2 loved dissecting different fruit to learn about seeds. We carefully used tweezers to remove the seeds and then used a magnifying class for a closer inspection. It was so much fun!

Whats been happeningYear 2

Science – Bean Plant Measuring – Year 2

We have been amazed to see how much our bean plants have grown over the past two weeks. We are using rulers to accurately measure the stem and making sure that we position our plants in the sunlight during the day. We also know it’s important to give our plants water as this helps them to grow too!

Whats been happeningYear 2

Science – Parts of a Tree – Year 2

This week, children learnt about the different parts of a tree (including trunk, branches, twigs, leaves and crown). We discussed the similarities and differences between plants and trees and then had a go at making a collage of a tree. We loved combining Science with Art!

Whats been happeningYear 2

Art – Still Life Drawing – Year 2

In Art, we have been learning how to draw plants in a realistic way and have done some observational drawings. So far, we have used sketching pencils and thought carefully about our pencil technique to ensure accurate lines and shapes. We are looking forward to using charcoal and watercolours in the coming weeks to add more life to our drawings.

Whats been happeningYear 3


In science, 3.2 thought of three questions they wanted to try to answer. They were all inspired by our Year 3 garden:

  • How many ladybird larvae can be seen on one plant?
  • Which types of insect live on the plants in the Year 3 garden?
  • Which plant is the most popular for insects to go on?

As you can see from the photos, we found lots of insects (especially aphids and ladybird larvae to eat them!)

All three groups managed to find answers to their question.

Whats been happeningYear 1


This half term, children in Year 1 have been creating artwork using a range of materials. They printed pictures using fruit and vegetables and paint to recreate artwork in the style of Orla Kiely. They had to think carefully about which colours to use in order create a repeating pattern. Children have also been making clay tiles and using a range of natural resources to print patterns into the tiles. They found a variety of leaves and feathers to use.


The Three Billy Goats

This term, children have been learning the story, ‘The Three Billy Goats Gruff’ at home and at school. It was wonderful to see everyone back together again and share our learning. Children have creating and writing about trolls, building bridges and creating their own stories based on the original. They particularly enjoyed playing the ‘hot seating’ game, taking on the roles of the different characters. They have also been looking for signs of spring and new life with egg hunts and celebrating Easter.


NurseryWhats been happening

Nursery Summer1 2021

The children in nursery have settled back very well. They are enjoying being with their friends and our new children have adapted very quickly to being at nursery.

Over the last few weeks, they have been enjoying time in our garden – climbing and balancing, digging in the bark, playing in the mud kitchen, exploring ice and planting seeds in our nature garden.

Children have enjoyed exploring paints to mix colours, snipping with scissors, making models and mark making on our writing wall.

They have been interested in building and have used shapes to make their own designs in the garden.

Whats been happeningYear 1

Maths – Capacity

Maths in Year One: Capacity

Children in Year One have been learning about Capacity in maths. They worked in groups to find out which containers could hold the most water. They carefully measured how many cups of water filled each one and recorded their results.  They thought carefully about how to ensure they did this accurately.

Whats been happeningYear 1

Castles Day

Castles Day: Year One
Our topic this half term has been ‘Castles’. Children have been exploring this through History lessons where they have used non-fiction information to find out about different types of castle and who lived there. This has also linked to their English lessons where they created their own fantasy stories set in a castle. At the end of the half term, we celebrated children’s learning with a ‘Castles day’. Children came to school dressed in different character costumes such as knights, princesses and dragons. Throughout the day we made catapults and shields. We also had a banquet and learned some medieval dancing. It was thoroughly enjoyed by all.


The Snow Queen

This term, children have been learning our own story about The Snow Queen at home and in school. They have been exploring winter and experimenting with ice and exploring snow. They received messages from the Snow Queen asking for their help to find out about polar animals. They have been weather detectives and looked at palaces and castles around the world. Children created their own castles and thought of their own ‘magpie’ words to describe them.

Year 4


Year 4 have been enjoying our Topic on the Ancient Romans. They were certainly an interesting bunch, and very clever. They organised their armies extremely well and conquered most of the territory around the Mediterranean Sea, as well as arriving into Britain too. They had excellent architects and lived in beautiful houses. They loved sports and leisure activities although we weren’t so sure how much fun it would be watching people being thrown to the lions!


Year 4

Upside Down Christmas Tree

Year 4 have gone all out for the ‘Upside Down Christmas’ theme. We made upside down Christmas Tree displays and decorated them with ‘baubles’ coloured in by the children. Each ‘bauble’ had a Christmas message which we have used instead of Christmas cards to cheer each other up!

Year 4


Year 4 have really been enjoying our Science topic – SOUND!

They have found out about how sound travels (as vibrations) over distance as well as through solids, liquids and gases.

They put some of their ideas to the test after making string/cup telephones. They found that sound travelled more effectively when the string was straight and pulled tight. They also decided to put “obstacles” (pegs and pens)  on the string to see if this would prevent the sound travelling as well. A loud, but informative lesson!

Year 5


We have been learning about the different forces in the world. Most recently, we have been learning about air resistance. The children enjoyed making parachutes to test how size of surface area can affect air resistance and how quickly the parachute fell to the ground.

Year 5

Viking Art Work

In Art, we created Thor sketches. The children showed great patience and accuracy.

Year 5

Tag Rugby and Netball

This half term, we have been improving our skills in netball and tag rugby. We have seen some great team work and leadership.

Year 5

Landing on the Moon Newspaper Articles

In English, we have been creating newspaper articles of the famous landing on the moon. We wrote as if we were witnessing the events in 1969. The children also made moon and planet art.


The Enormous Turnip

This term children have been settling into school and learning our routines. They have started to learn letter sounds in phonics.  We find a monster in the monster sound trap each day then use Teach Your Monster to Read to help us learn the sound and use actions to help us remember it. The monsters are then displayed on a jungle vine in the classroom. Children are beginning to use the sounds that they have learnt in the environment and are beginning to make their own words. Children have been learning the story of The Enormous Turnip and activities have been based around harvest and seasonal changes. They have learnt to retell the story with actions.

Year 2

Shoe Boxes

We’ve been inspired by illustrator Lauren Child to make our own fairy tale boxes in a collage style. It’s been lots of fun creating our rooms!

Year 2


We have enjoyed our geography topic learning all about the UK. We used atlases to find countries, capitals and other cities and created our own maps too.

Year 2


As part of our Science learning, year 2 have grouped and sorted things they found on a plant hunt. We also grew our own beans, observing how they changed over time.

Year 1

Science in Year 1

In science this half term, children have been learning about material. Children sorted a range of items by their materials and talked about how we know what each material is. They then discussed the properties of different materials and sorted materials by these for example: plastic and glass can be transparent.

Year 1

Year 1 Maths – Shapes

In Year 1, children have been recapping their understanding of 2D and 3D shapes. They went on a shape hunt around the classroom to see which shapes are all around them! They then discussed the names and properties of shapes and used vocabulary including faces, edges, vertices, sides, curved and straight.

Year 1

History – Toys

This half term, children in Year 1 have been finding out about the history of toys. We rented a box from the Cambridge Folk Museum which contained old toys. Children talked about the materials that the toys were made out of and discussed changes that have happened to toys over the years. They loved exploring these in our busy learning session. Children then had a range of old and new toys and attempted to put these in age order.

Year 1


At the start of half-term Year 1 looked at fireworks. We learnt a poem about fireworks, thought about the different sounds fireworks make, wrote acrostic poems and created our own firework art using chalk and paint.


Autumn Term 2020

Children in nursery have been settling in well and are starting to make new friends and become familiar with their new setting.

They have been enjoying being outside in the nursery garden and we have seen plenty of Responsible Rhinos as the children take part in our autumn activities.

Year 3

Odd Sock Day!

On Friday, at the end of Anti-Bullying week, we wore odd socks to celebrate that we are all unique, but we come together as a whole community at Queen Edith.

Year 2

Plant Charcoal Drawings

Year 2 were asked to make charcoal sketching’s of a flower. This was linked to our Science unit on plants.

Year 2

High Street Maps

Year 2 were given the task of creating a map of the high street linked to our Autumn 1 high street topic.

Year 3

Ancient Greek Theatre Masks

As part of our Ancient Greek topic, we learnt that actors wore masks. We decorated our own Greek theatre masks and watched a short piece of a Greek play.

Year 3

Shadow Puppets

As part of our science topic on Light and Dark, we predicted which material would be best for making shadow puppets. After we had discovered that black card worked well, we made shadow puppets and acted out a Greek myth.

Year 3

Ancient Greek Mini Olympics

We had a mini-Olympics to celebrate that the Ancient Greeks created the first Olympics. Although we couldn’t do the activities that the Ancient Greeks did, we had lots of fun moving from one activity to the next, and writing down our record scores!

Year 3

Ball-Rolling Experiment

In Year 3 we investigated how far a ball would roll on different surfaces. We were careful to keep everything about the experiment the same, using the same ball and the same ramp, except that we did the experiment on different surfaces. We found that on smooth surfaces, like the desk top, the ball rolled furthest, but on rough surfaces, like the grass, it rolled the shortest distance.


Year 3

Ancient Greek Clay Pots

We learnt that Ancient Greek pots came in all shapes and sizes. We made our own Greek pots using clay, then decorated them using the colours the Ancient Greeks used. It was hard to attach handles so that they didn’t drop off!

Whats been happeningYear 4

Roman Day

Year 4 have been learning about the Romans and their occupation of Britain. We learned about why the Romans wanted to expand their empire, and that they were successful due to their military tactics and organisation.
In DT we designed and made belts and headdresses using Roman mosaic-inspired patterns in cross stitch, which we wore on Roman Day.
We loved Roman Day! We designed and made shields, and then used them in Roman battle formations against each other.


Phonics At Home

As part of your home learning your child will be taking part in phonic activities set by their teacher. Many of you may have used Oxford Owl as it gives levelled reading books. The link below will also give you a video to show you how to make the sounds in a way that will help your child with reading and writing. The sounds are taught in a particular order in phases which develop during Reception and KS1. If you are unsure which phase your child is working on at the moment then please contact your child’s class teacher.


You don’t need to print out lots of flash cards or letters, just make your own or ask older brothers and sisters to help you.
There are lots of fun activities that you can do indoors and in the garden, hiding sounds so that your child can go on a treasure hunt, having competitions to see how many words you can make with a sound your child finds tricky or being sound detectives on your daily walk. Have fun together!

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Pupil’s Eye View

Pupil’s Eye View