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What’s been happening

Year 1

Traction Man

We enjoyed reading the stories so much that we decided to innovate them. So we planned our own versions and our new characters went on lots of adventures all over our houses!

After writing fantastic stories we decided we wanted to publish our books like Mini Grey so we turned our writing into beautiful comic strips. We all persevered to create and complete our designs.


First Term!

Children in Nursery have enjoyed their first term. They have settled in well and have started to make new friends. Our learning has focused around “Dear Zoo” and the traditional tale of “The Little Red Hen”.

We have enjoyed activities such as making our own play dough, decorating cakes for our Books and Buns parent event and making decorations from bread for Christmas. Children have been developing skills in the prime areas of: Physical Development, Personal, Social and Emotional Development and Communication and Language.

The children have enjoyed being introduced to the 7 habits through our Learning Characters “Responsible Rhino” and “Go for it Gorilla” this term. We look forward to introducing further characters during the year.

The autumn term concluded with our Christmas celebration when the children sang to their grown – ups and re-told our class version of the Little Red Hen.

Year 2Year 6

A Christmouse Tale

On Wednesday, Year 2 and Year 6 were treated to a performance of A Christmouse Tale by Pendle Productions to support their work in their fairytale topics. Children enjoyed the cheery Christmas musical following the adventures of a lonely white mouse as he escapes the pet shop and tries to find his own way to the house where he was to have been a special gift.



Reception Literacy

This term children have been learning phase 2 sounds during their phonic lessons and have enjoyed learning the monster songs to support each new sound. During their play, they have begun to blend sounds together and create cvc words using different materials. They have also begun to write these words on phoneme frames. Alongside this we have encouraged children to read and write for meaning in their play. They have written post it’s for teachers to help them remember things! They have also written lists and instructions during role play or in other areas of the environment. Children have been reading in the environment, in small groups and individually. They all take part in ‘quiet reading’ sessions daily when they can enjoy becoming involved in their own book. Our class stories have promoted lots of talk and act as a stimulus for both reading and writing.


Year 2

Fairy Tale Boxes

In year 2, the children have been enjoying their DT project. They have designed their own Lauren Child inspired fairy tale room and are busy constructing their furniture, characters and décor using her collage style.

The children have been able to explore their artistic and creative skills.


The Gingerbread Man

This half term, the children in Reception discovered some footprints and crumbs in our garden and decided it reminded them of the story of The Gingerbread Man. This has been our topic this half term. Children have been learning the story, acting it out and singing songs about The Gingerbread Man. They then enjoyed taking part in our Christmas performance where they performed these to their grown ups.  Some children went on a trip to the shop to buy some flour and then each class made their own gingerbread men and the children thought these were delicious!

Year 4


Our science topic this half term was Sound. We have learned how sound is made when an object vibrates quickly. The sound can then travel as a wave through a solid, a liquid or a gas like the air. When the soundwave reaches your ear, your eardrum vibrates, which makes tiny bones vibrate against your cochlea. Inside the cochlea, hair cells send messages to your brain about the sound you have heard. We also used different materials to soundproof a “music studio” – a cardboard box containing an iPad playing music – and used a computer to measure how much the soundproofing reduced the volume of the music.

Year 5

Estimating the area and perimeter of everyday objects

In maths today we estimated the height and width of objects in the classroom, before using these estimates to approximate the perimeter and area. We then used a ruler to measure the actual height and width, finding the perimeter and area of the objects, and comparing them to our estimates. Some of our work can be seen below!


Year 6

Gymnastics Performance

To finish our gymnastics unit on symmetry and asymmetry, we joined forces with students across classes and practised, performed and perfected these routines. There were some outstanding examples of our Learning Habits being shown and wonderful synergy across the year group. Well done to everyone!

Year 5

3D Shapes

Today in maths we started to discuss the properties of 3D shapes (faces, edges, vertices), and then used nets to create a range of 3D shapes. After this we looked at other nets and tried to deduce what 3D shape they would create without cutting them up and folding them.


Year 6

Daily Mile

After successfully running to Paris, Year 6 have decided to combine our efforts as we aim to run, jog or walk the 1,387 miles to Lapland in time for our Christmas break. Pupils and staff will be counting their laps of the playground and adding them to our new map! We’ve been loving this new initiative which we have found improves both our physical and mental wellbeing.

Year 2


Year 2 have been busy measuring length, height and mass this term. They have enjoyed getting to grips with all sorts of measuring tools and have noticed all the different units of measure. They have made estimates before measuring and have tried to be as careful and as accurate as possible!

Year 5

Space Artwork

Many children in 5.2 chose to complete some of the optional topic homework tasks last term, and we all enjoyed seeing them in class. Children were able to present their work to the rest of the class and answered questions on what they had made or produced. Just some of the excellent work produced can be seen in the photo attached – well done to all of the children who completed some optional tasks during our space unit!


Year 6

Positional Language in Maths

In Maths, Year 6 have been looking at position and direction as well as recapping some maths language. Miss T’s Maths class had an active session using hoops, balls and other sports equipment. We had been set a series of challenges and needed to see if we could meet them. First we tried making 2 ½ rolls in one go and working out how many degrees this was. We couldn’t do forward rolls as we needed to always land on our heads with our heels in the air (not safe!) but we could do pencil rolls! We also had to see how many rotations of a hoop we could do in 30 seconds, then find out if we could do it both clockwise and anticlockwise. We then created our own challenges and had great fun!

Year 6

DT: Creating our carousels

Year 6 have been tasked to create a working carousel. We visited Year 2 students to carry out some market research about what characters, stories and aesthetics they preferred. After careful planning in our groups, we have now started the very exciting stage of designing and decorating it. We will be welcoming in parents later on this term to show them our finished masterpieces!

Year 6

Gymnastics: ‘the floor is lava’ challenge

To celebrate the end of our Gymnastics unit, the Sports Captains designed a ‘Floor is Lava’ challenge where pupils had to get from one end of the hall to the other, while only using the equipment provided. Everyone took part in house teams and had loads of fun!

Year 5Year 6

Road Safety Week – visit from local PCSO’s

To mark Road Safety week, and the impact that the darker days are having, Later Years had a special assembly run by two PCSO’s from our community. They spoke to us about the dangers of the roads as pedestrians and as cyclists. We refreshed our knowledge of ways to stay safe and said a huge thank you to them for coming in!

Year 6

Coding on iPads

Year 6 have been working with iPads recently. In maths we’ve played games with coordinates; in topic we’ve been documenting the progress of our fairground rides and in computing lessons we’ve had to code some popular games. Pupils have also learned how to use features (like AirDrop and mark-up tools) to screenshot, label and send our work to our teachers so that they can see what we’ve been doing. Some of the Year 6’s have been made digital leaders to help around the school in other classrooms too – well done!

Year 6


To build suspense and link to our topic of Fairground and Fairytales, Year 6 have been looking at conventions of traditional tales. We used a wonderful resource called the Hollow Woods storytelling card game where we mixed them up and retold our own stories. All the cards link to each other and we found out that there were over 2 quintillion different ways to piece them together!

Year 6

Mathematical Fluency

On Parent Open Afternoon, Year 6 selected and ran their own activities to show parents how we are continuing to develop our mathematical fluency by practising times tables and the four operations in a variety of different ways.

Year 6

Electrical Circuits

As our first Science lesson in our new topic of Fairgrounds and Fairytales, we got out the electrical equipment and made simple circuits in pairs. We used different components of a motor, a buzzer or a lightbulb. We looked at scientific symbols for the items we used and drew our own before explaining how the circuit worked. We are looking forward to more!

Year 6

World War 2 Day

To celebrate the end our World War II topic, Year 6 enjoyed an experiential day where they participated in a range of exciting activities. These included baking honey cakes with rationed ingredients, creating replica paper spitfires, embroidering individual pieces of fabric to create our celebratory bunting, writing radio broadcasts and translating Morse code messages. In the afternoon, we had lots of fun dancing to traditional 1940s music before sampling our delicious jam sandwiches and honey cakes.

Year 4

Gymnastics Competition

Year 4 were delighted to welcome Queen Emma Year 4 for our Gymnastics house competition. The children did very well with their gymnastics routines they have been learning this term. The Year 6 Sports Leaders did a great job of scoring, supporting and encouraging the children.

Year 5

Year 5 Leaders

Congratulations to Denis and Sophia who were voted to be the Lighthouse group representatives for 5.2. They will be responsible for attending the weekly lighthouse group meetings, where they will discuss ways in which we can promote the 7 habits in school. Congratulations also to Malachie, who was voted to be our eco-leader – he gave an excellent speech to the rest of the class, giving his ideas on how we can all work together to reduce waste and recycle more.

Year 4

Estate Agents

We pretended we were a new intern working for an estate agent. To prove we had the skills necessary to be promoted to a Junior Estate Agent, we had to describe features of our classroom that would persuade new families to come to Queen Edith. Here are some of our ideas:

When you enter the spacious classroom, which is at least as big as a dinosaur, the first thing you will notice is the huge bookcase. It has a wide range of colourful books for all readers, sorted into different levels. Relax on the comfortable beanbags as you read. If you turn to the left, you will see a fancy Smartboard – almost as big as an iMax screen. The latest technology will help your child to learn English, maths and science much better than they would at any other school. Your child can earn housepoints if they work hard and behave well. A giant, golden trophy is presented to the winning house each term. Not only that, but in class there is magnificent Jigsaw time, which means you play with amazing toys and don’t have to do lessons!


Year 4

How we learn Times Tables

On Parent Open Afternoon, we taught our parents some of the ways we learn our times tables. We showed the Counting Stick, Loop Cards, Quizzes, Round the Room and of course Times Tables Rock Stars. Some parents even had to join in and make sure they knew their times tables!

Year 4

Roman Bread

Joe, Luke and their mum baked some Roman libum bread, using a 2000-year-old recipe from Cato the Elder. With honey, bay leaves and ricotta cheese it is unlike most bread we eat these days. Here are some photos of the libum that Joe and Luke brought in for everyone one in Year 4 to taste.


Year 4


In Year 4, we are learning about solids, liquids and gases. We thought about whether gases really weigh anything. Some people thought not because they are invisible or lighter than air. We did an experiment with fizzy water to find out.

First we weighed some fizzy water in a cup, then we stirred it to make the gas

come out and weighed it again. The second time, it weighed less, showing that the gas that had escaped really weighed something (about 0.4 grams). We also used some even more sensitive scales and we could watch the weight going down as the bubbles escaped by themselves.



Year 5

Space Homework

Many children in 5.2 chose to complete some of the optional topic homework tasks last term, and we all enjoyed seeing them in class. Children were able to present their work to the rest of the class and answered questions on what they had made or produced. Just some of the excellent work produced can be seen in the photo attached – well done to all of the children who completed some optional tasks during our space unit!


Year 6

English: varying sentence lengths for effect

In English class, Year 6 were tasked to create a short paragraph that was as scary as possible, placing emphasis on certain words or pauses that would affect the reader. We needed to practice writing short, medium and long sentences. We wrote these in an eerie silence, then read them aloud in darkness with just a torch to set the mood. We loved hearing what each other had written!

Here are some portions of our paragraphs – which one do you think is most effective and why?

CRACK! I turned and there it was, just looking at me. My heart was racing and I couldn’t do anything as every muscle in my entire body had stopped working. I froze. With no sign of mercy, it took a chance to hit me.
by Roman

Suddenly, the door closed. It was silent. In front of me was a large shadow and as I scanned it, I felt like someone was behind me. A creak of a floor board alarmed me. I knew no one was there but then, downstairs, a howl from a window shocked me. The dim light flickered.
by Margarita

It was dark. I was in an old, mysterious house. In front of me stood a stiff wooden door. There was an eerie noise on the other side so I crept closer. Anxiously, I peered through the keyhole. A light flickered. I opened the door and wandered in with my torch. My heart was pounding. I was suddenly swallowed by darkness when my only source of light stopped working.
by Theo

The sound of footsteps got louder and louder until they stopped. There was a loud, piercing scream which echoed. While closing my eyes I heard it again. Sweat trickled down my face. While shaking, I stood up, my hands clenching in a tight fist, my lips trembling and my heart thumping. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a shadow. Was I imagining it? Should I run?
by Poppy

The spider was catching up quickly. A shadow moved. A floorboard creaked. The group realised that they were trapped. Hopelessly, they tried the door again and again. As suspected, it was locked. Creeping, crawling, the spider scuttled towards them. It was already upon them.
by Dexter

Drip. Drip. The sound of water falling from the ceiling above. It was too dark to see ahead with no torch and certainly no light. My shoes were becoming more damp, then even wetter. Drip. Drip. I tried to feel along the wall and felt a sticky substance that wasn’t water. Then I felt nothing.
by Emily

In the distance there was a bright, flickering light straight ahead. I plucked up the courage to get up and move towards the light. I looked through a keyhole and could see a pair of red eyes but the door was locked.
by Ellie

I was alone. The only light that I had was the moon, and the moon only. I couldn’t remember a thing that had happened before. Consequently, all I knew was that it was dark: pitch black. Slowly but surely, I entered a forest that was looming above my petrified soul, and that had blocked out the light of the moon, so much that I couldn’t go on. Wait! What was that? I was sure that a malevolent shadow was watching. Waiting. Looking.
by Kellen

Bang! Was I alone? My heart was racing fast. Somehow I heard a shatter that caught my ear. Smash! I knew that I was definitely not alone.
by Kassia

Shelter. All I needed was shelter. I ran. The old house was partly destroyed, but I needed shelter. Was there someone here? I had to venture inside as the rain was too forceful. I stepped inside. A strange sight greeted me: chandeliers on the floor. Footsteps. A door to the left started to open, no, was being pushed open. Fearing for my life, I ran up the purple-carpeted stairs.
by Emily

Year 6

Science: Making Periscopes

As part of our Science topic on light, we’ve been trying to understand how mirrors reflect light and how they (and our eyes) can help us to see objects. We had to use our knowledge to make a periscope – a device for seeing over or around something. Did you know that periscopes were first used by sailors in around 1860, who used them in submarines to see above the surface of the water? They were also used by soldiers in the First World War, to see over the top of their trenches.

When you look at an object, you see it because the light (from a source such as the sun or a lamp) reflects off the object and goes into your eye. If the object is round a corner, you can’t see it anymore because the light reflecting off the object can’t get into your eye. That’s why you need a periscope. A periscope uses mirrors to reflect the light from the object around the corner and into your eye.

In this fun, practical lesson, we all tried creating them in groups using a cereal box, scissors and two mirrors.  Our teachers said we synergized well, but our periscopes were made with varying degrees of success!


The Enormous Turnip

This half term, children in Reception have been learning the story ‘The Enormous Turnip’. Using our ’Talk for Writing’ process, children memorised the story using a story map to help them and then innovated it to create their own class versions. Linking to this, they have been learning about harvest and discussing where our food comes from. They also worked together to make delicious turnip soup!

Year 4

Science – Sound

In Year 4, we are learning about Sound in science this half term. We used slow motion video to capture sand grains bouncing on the vibrating skin of a drum. Although we couldn’t see a tuning fork vibrating when it made a sound, when we dipped it in water the vibrating ends splashed the water.

Year 1

Art Sculptures

In Art we ended our exploration of people and portraits by building sculptures of people. We were careful to use objects to represent different parts of our bodies and had lots of fun repurposing old materials!

Year 1


We loved ending our Geography topic about exploring our school grounds with an Autumn treasure hunt. We were very excited to find a whole patch of funghi on our field! After exploring, we recorded our findings on a map of the school grounds.


Year 1


We have loved writing facts all about owls this week. We tried to organise our ideas into four different sections: an introduction, features, food and habitat. We were very careful to use full stops in our sentences and we synergised brilliantly to help each other make our writing even better! We loved reading our final texts to our friends.


Year 1

Best of Me

This week we had our ‘Best of Me’ afternoon to celebrate the end of this half term’s topic. The children engaged well with the different activities and discussed which of the seven habits they used to complete each task. Pictured here is a game called Flip it Over, where a team of children must turn over a piece of fabric while standing on it. This required some careful listening to each other instead of all saying their opinion at once (seek first to understand, then to be understood) as well as working together (synergise)

Year 6

Mrs Risdon’s Visit

Chloe’s granny visited us and gave a very interesting and informative presentation about her father (Chloe’s Great-grandfather) who was in the British army in Egypt. She has some amazing artefacts for us to look at – we LOVED it!

Year 6

Gas Masks

We made our own replica gas masks for a mini DT project this week. We used card, cellophane, bubble wrap and elastic to create them and had such a lot of fun!

Year 6

English Homework projects

Year 6 were set the challenge of completing a project of their own choosing relating to our topic of World War 2. They presented their work in class today, our final day of the topic, and Miss Mc and I were so impressed by lots of them! It was clear that children had been proactive with their homework, choosing a subject that most interested them, working hard with their presentation, setting a goal for their end creation and using their initiative! The creativity was astounding and the children presented their home learning to the rest of their class so well. Here are some of our projects:

Year 6

Blitz Art

Year 6 have been working to create art which shows the skyline of London before, during or after the Blitz. We learned about the German bombing offensive against Britain in 1940 and 1941 then looked at images of the destruction and devastation caused by the shells. At first, we washed our white paper with watercolours in hues that we had decided would be accurate, then we decided upon a black silhouette for our skyline and either cut or ripped it to fit over our sky. It looks really effective, we think!


Year 6

Performing in Assembly

Pupils from KS2 have been volunteering to perform a range of musical instruments while children are walking into assembly. Congratulations to those who have successfully performed in front of their peers – we’re loving the opportunity in Year 6!


Year 6

Paul Nash Artwork

This half term in Art lessons we have been studying Paul Nash and trying to look closely at his work. We discussed artwork such as The Battle of Britain, Totes Meer, Battle of Germany and Defense of Albion. The sombre tones and colours, as well as the marred landscapes, were great points for debate. We chose our favourite one and tried to replicate a small area of it in his style before creating our own Nash-ish watercolour.

Year 1

Maths Greatest Smallest

In Maths we practised building groups using the vocabulary ‘greatest’ and ‘smallest’.

We also learnt the vocabulary for the ordinal numbers. We synergised to organise ourselves in order from first to twenty-ninth! Now we are practising spelling the ordinal numbers:






And so on…


Year 1


In R.E we began asking questions about what Christians believe. We talked about why some Christians think that Sunday is an important day. We enjoyed a visit from Danny and Karen who work at a local church. They shared about why Christians believe that God and Jesus are important. We also discussed why some people think that prayer is important.


Year 1

Show and Tell

We have loved hearing about all the fantastic learning and activities you are getting up to at home! We have lots of active Ninjas earning certificates and being extremely adventurous and brave.

We also learnt about how to make healthy food choices from one of our friends.

Please keep sharing all the learning you are doing at home! Remember you can use the homework grid for ideas.

Year 1


We have been learning how to log on carefully and make sure we keep our passwords private. We also designed our Avatar to represent us.


Year 1


In Geography we explored our school. We enjoyed looking around the different playgrounds and cheering each other on as we used the KS2 Trim Trail. We were careful to take photos of the different features we sawl.

Back in the classroom we examined an aerial view image of our school and matched our photos to the different places on the image.

Year 1

Maths Greater/Less

In Maths we sorted bears into different groups and compared them using the words:

  • Greater than
  • Less than
  • Most
  • Fewest


Year 1

P.E Rolling

In P.E we investigated different ways to roll objects. We loved inventing our own rolling games!


Year 1

Science Listening Walk

In science we are learning about our senses. We went on a listening walk around school and wrote lists of all the things we could hear! Then we investigated how sound travels by making string telephones and by feeling the vibrations in our throats when we speak.


Year 1

Show and Tell

We have really enjoyed celebrating all the fantastic learning we have been doing at home!


Year 1

Writing Questions

We have been learning how to write question marks and when to use them.

Year 2


Year 2 have really enjoyed their High Street topic.

We visited the bakery on our visit to Cherry Hinton High Street and then we made our own bread, adding our own chosen extra ingredients.

Mums and Dads visited us at the end of the day for a special tasting session – it was just like The Great British Bake Off!.

They enjoyed our loaves too – it was “fresh, tasty and crunchy” they said. Well done Year 2 bakers!

Year 1

Fizzy or Calm

This week in Year 1 we have been finding more ways to be proactive. We are learning that we are in charge of our actions, attitudes and moods. To help us with this, we named lots of different moods and acted out what happens to our bodies when we feel them. We discussed how when we are nervous our tummies might have ‘butterflies’ and when we are frustrated our hands and faces might scrunch up.

We also talked about the difference between feeling fizzy and calm. We realised that sometimes it is great to feel excited and bouncy, like a bottle of cola, but other times it is better to be a ‘calm water bottle’.


Year 4

Chalk Pit Visit

We visited Cherry Hinton Chalk Pits as part of our Changes topic. Millions of years ago, the sea covered the local area, and the shells of sea creatures were deposited on the sea bed, taking 1000 years to create one centimetre depth of chalk. After the sea had retreated, Iron Age and Roman people lived in the local area, leaving behind evidence such as flint tools, animal bones and pottery. More recently, stone was quarried until the 1980s. It was used for buildings such as Cambridge colleges. In 2009, the chalk pit was converted to a nature reserve and is home to many plants, birds and other animals. While we were there, we also had the chance to practise our perspective drawing.

Year 1


In Maths we have been learning the vocabulary:

“Just the right amount”

“Not enough”

“Too many”

We tried to share out the fruit fairly, but realised we had too many carrots and not enough apples. Fortunately we had just the right amount of tomatoes!


Year 1


In Science we are learning about our senses and our bodies. This week we learnt that the eye is an organ and we use lots of different equipment to help us see better. We enjoyed exploring the courtyard with magnifying glasses and discovering lots of tiny plants and animals.

Year 6


On Friday 27th September, Year 6 took a trip out to Duxford Imperial War Museum to view the amazing exhibits and learn more about our first topic of World War 2.  We visited Hangars 8, 4 and 1 to look at the vast array of different vehicles and models. We followed trails made by our teachers to really ensure that we were looking at specific parts very closely. We especially loved their ‘Heavy Drop’ exhibit, the Normandy experience with armour and weapons as well as the range of interactive Science tools which let us play with forces and engines. It was a great experience for us.


Year 3Year 4

Middle Years Assembly

This week one of the Year 4 children gave a short talk to Years 3 and 4 about environmental pollution, including some of the causes and what we can do about it. If children have a topic they think is important or interesting, and would like to present it to the rest of Middle Years, they can speak to Mr Blower to arrange it.

Year 1


We synergised to make a video celebrating some of the ways we can be proactive.


Year 4

Science – Gases

In Year 4, we are learning about solids, liquids and gases. We thought about whether gases really weigh anything. Some people thought not because they are invisible or lighter than air. We did an experiment with fizzy water to find out.

First we weighed some fizzy water in a cup, then we stirred it to make the gas come out and weighed it again. The second time, it weighed less, showing that the gas that had escaped really weighed something (about 0.4 grams). We also used some even more sensitive scales and we could watch the weight going down as the bubbles escaped by themselves.


Year 6


This week, some of our Year 6 pupils have chosen to participate in Bikeability. This is a free course run by local volunteers which aims to teach children practical skills and how to cycle safely on today’s roads.  We spent the first day on the playground learning how to start and stop safely, and how to look after our bikes. Then we went out on the nearby roads for 3 sessions to test our skills and learn how to be safe around others – pedestrians or vehicles.

Year 6

Active Maths

We had lots of fun during an outdoors investigation this week, learning how to find the approximate age of a tree. We had to measure 1 metre up from the base of the trunk and then use a tape measure to find out the girth of the trunk. As 2.5cm is roughly equivalent to one year of aging, we worked out that we had to divide the girth (in cms) by 2.5 to find out the age of the tree. Did you know that there are lots of trees in our school field older than 100 years?!

Year 6

World War 2

In an introduction to our first topic of World War 2, pupils used iPads to research key ideas (such as food and rationing, the role of women and evacuation) before collaborating and sharing what they had learned.

Year 6

7 Habits

To start this year, Year 6 have been looking at the 7 habits of highly effective leaders. We spent a fun session describing a picture for our partners to draw using all the first 5 habits – partners took initiative, knew their end in mind, Put First Things First by following directions, used win-win thinking, and communicated by speaking clearly and using active listening.

In PE, we played some team games to ‘synergise’ (a new piece of vocabulary we have learned) which requires involving others. In this activity children stood in a circle and held hands. They were given a hula hoop and were told that the hoop must go all the way around the circle without anyone letting go of each other’s hands. We found out that the group can only be successful if everyone does their part.

On Friday, we held a special celebration day, dressing up as leaders who are inspiring. Congratulations to Ellie and Oliver who were voted as the most inspiring for their class!


Year 1

Birthday Cards

We enjoyed making birthday cards which we will use throughout the year to celebrate one another’s birthdays.

Year 1

Celebrating choosing time

We spotted patterns and compared the weight of different objects during our choosing time.

Year 1

Circle of Influence

Today we practised Habit 1: Be Proactive. We discussed what we are in control of. We realised that we are in control of ourselves and not in control of others. Here are some of the very sensible things we said:

“I can choose to use kind hands”

“I can choose to be nice to other people”

“I can’t choose the weather outside”

Year 1

Leaf Printing

We enjoyed printing with autumn leaves. We will share these on the habits tree in our classroom.

Year 1

Put first things first

We worked together to sort out what is more important and less important, so that we can put first things first.

Year 1

What I want to be like

1.2 Are beginning with the end in mind!

Today we shared what we want to be when we grow up. Here are some of our ideas:

“I want to be a nurse because they fix animals and people.”

“I want to be like William Buckland because I like dinosaurs”

“I want to be a fireman so I can take care of the world”

“I want to be like mummy because she makes nice cakes and wears necklaces”

“I want to be like Marshall because it’s a firefighter costume”

“I want to be like ghostbusters because they fight ghosts and it’s brave”

“I want to be a baker like my mummy because she makes super cakes”

“I want to be like my mummy because she makes my favourite food”

“I want to be a chef because you get money and cook food”

“I want to be a ballerina because I like dancing”

“I want to be a princess because they are kind”
“I want to be a nurse because they help people”

Year 4

4.1 Mission Statement

In 4.1, as part of Habit 2 (Begin with the end in mind) we have been thinking about why we come to school, how we best work together and how we would like others to view us. We gathered our ideas into a mission statement, and also made posters to show our thoughts.

Class Mission Statement

We are in 4.1 to learn, so we do our best in our work; we listen carefully without interrupting and we share our ideas.

We also want to make friends and have fun, so we support each other in learning and playing, and we agree or disagree kindly.

We hope others will see that we are well-behaved, hard-working, we try our best and we are friendly and kind.


Year 1Year 2Year 3Year 4Year 5Year 6

Leader in Me

For the first 8 days of the Autumn term we have been introducing all the children to the 7 habits and our new whole school project: The Leader in Me.

Please see the link to our daily newsletters which introduced parents to each habit and our celebration day on Friday.

We are seeking to teach children that they are the leader of themselves and with the 7 habits they can become leaders of others.


Year 5

Hand Warmers

Year Five have been preparing for the cold weather by making their own hand warmers out of felt. Everyone creates a unique design, then cuts a front side and a back side out of felt. Then, we add applique and embroidery to complete the design before sewing the two sides together. With just a small hole left, we fill the pocket with rice, and then sew it shut. The rice holds on to heat for up to 20 minutes when warmed in the microwave, and we are excited to try them out at home!

Year 5

Mountains and Rivers

This term in year 5 we have been enjoying our Mountains and Rivers topic, producing some excellent survival guides in literacy and learning how mountains are formed in topic lessons. We were also fortunate to have Dr Charlie Schoonman, a geologist who has spent time on a glacier in Greenland and has climbed many mountains, visit the year 5 children and share her experiences with us.

Year 5


This term Year Five have been working hard on our Africa topic, producing some suspense-filled stories and a biography of Nelson Mandela in literacy. We have also taken inspiration from the visit of Michael Rosen to perform poetry in groups, using the iPad to create a green-screen version of our performances.

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Year Five had a fantastic day exploring Shepreth wildlife park. The weather was delightful and the children’s behaviour was lovely. We had the opportunity to hold stick insects, stroke snakes and bunnies, and watch animals such as bats, red pandas and capybara being trained and fed.  The staff at the park discussed topics we have been looking at in class, such as life cycles, conservation and animal classification.


Year 5

World Book Day

Year 5 celebrated World Book Day by looking at a number of texts together. We shared Welcome with the rest of the school but then spent time looking at The Day War Came by Nicola Davies. Throughout the week, we tried to put ourselves in the position of a refugee, imagining what it might be like to be forced to leave your home. In Welcome, the main characters of the polar bears are forced to leave their homes due to climate change, and in The Day War Came the main character is forced to leave due to conflict. The children came up with some thoughtful diary entries – well done!

Year 5


Year 5 have been enjoying our Mini Enterprise topic of making biscuits! We’ve been working hard in our teams to prepare for our final bake sale, holding taste trials and creating packaging. We are keen to make sure that every team member has a leadership role and we are hoping to finalise and perfect our work by the time the bake sale comes!

Year 4

Year 4 Roman Projects

In the second half of the Spring Term, the Year 4 children were set the challenge of creating a project based on our Roman topic. Some people researched and presented information; some created an Roman artefact, model or piece of art. On the last day of term, we showed one another our finished projects.



Helping the Hedgehogs

Following children’s interest in hedgehogs we invited Darren the rescued hedgehog to come and visit. This was very popular and we decided to find out more about hedgehogs and how the children could help them. They raised £75 for the Shepreth Hedgehog Hospital by making cakes to sell after the Reception assembly and this was delivered to the hospital who were grateful to the children for their care. We will be continuing to find out more about hedgehogs, what happens to them during the year and how we can help to protect them.

Year 2

Fairytale Boxes

As part of our Fairy Tale topic, we planned designed and created Lauren Child inspired fairy tale rooms. We used Child’s mixed media collage style, which was so varied and exciting to do. We worked well in our groups and were pleased with the final products.



Three Billy Goats Gruff

This half term, children have been learning the story of The Three Billy Goats Gruff. The children learned the story and actions. Some children also had a go at writing the whole story independently. In our workshop area, the children painted their own trolls and cut these out carefully. We also looked at bridges from around the world and the children had a ‘task of the week’ to build their own bridge for the three billy goats. Our story has also linked to spring and children have been exploring the outside area for signs of spring.

Year 2

Maths Measuring

In our Maths lessons, we have been getting to grips with all sorts of measuring. We have been finding out about different units of measure as well as which tools are best for which measuring jobs. We also found out that you have to be very accurate and careful and always start from zero!

Year 2


A mystery suitcase arrived for us in school one day. When we looked inside, we saw lots of warm clothes, a compass, a very old camera and some tinned food. Bit by bit and with some careful questions and deductions, we found out that it belonged to Ernest Shackleton. We learned about his expeditions to Antarctica and his great survival and rescue story.

Year 2

Ice Science

In our Science lessons on Materials, as part of our Fire and Ice topic, we investigated the properties of ice and then designed and planned our own fair tests, depending on our interests. Some groups compared how quickly ice would melt in hands or in water, while others were interested to see if ice with food colouring would melt faster than normal ice.


Year 2

Fairytale Boxes

As part of our Fairy Tale topic, we planned designed and created Lauren Child inspired fairy tale rooms. We used Child’s mixed media collage style, which was so varied and exciting to do. We worked well in our groups and were pleased with the final products.


Year 2

Bread Making

As part of our High Street topic, we visited Cherry Hinton High Street and popped into the baker’s shop. Did you know that our bread is baked at night while we are fast asleep? We also made our own bread and added a range of different ingredients. It tasted delicious! We wrote instruction so that others could also see how to make the perfect loaf.

Year 3Year 4

Years 3 and 4 Treasure Chest Cuboids

Children from Year 3 and Year 4 have combined learning maths with our pirate-themed production to produce treasure chests. The 3D shape of a treasure chest is a cuboid, so we cut out a net, then folded and glued the flaps carefully. We decorated our cuboids to look like treasure chests.

Year 4

Internal Monologues

For World Book Week, the whole school is reading “Welcome” by Barroux. It is about three polar bears who are separated from their home, and are refused entry onto other animals’ islands. In Year 4, we wrote about what the polar bears were thinking after being rejected for the third time. The children were challenged to write it as an internal monologue, rather than narrating the story. The children excelled at giving an insight into the bears’ emotions. In order to bring their monologues to life, we recorded each child reading their writing. You can find the audio file with your child’s voice on it stored under their table group name.



The Snow Queen

Children have been learning our own story of the snow queen who turns everything to ice and snow. They were very excited to find real snow and loved exploring it. We also discussed ice in the water tray and how long it would take to melt. Children went outside to find out about winter weather and use the thermometer to see if it was freezing. They made their own ice palaces for the queen and after she sent them an email they researched animals that come from cold climates. They thought of words to describe the queen’s palace and then told their parents the story in their assembly. Afterwards, children celebrated with a Snow Queen party when they ate chocolate Crispie Cakes and Apple Sorbet which they had made.


Celebrating in the Autumn Term

This term we have been celebrating family festivals with our children. They made group fireworks, shouting out the sounds that their firework made as they made paint splashes. We learnt how to dance to Indian music for Diwali, made cucumber raita, and took part in different activities in the Foundation Stage.

Children also celebrated Christmas with a concert for their parents and carers. They told the story of ‘The Gingerbread Man’ and sang some songs about getting ready for Christmas. Children made cards on the computer and prepared their own food for their Christmas party. They also joined together for a Christmas Activity Morning with Nursery.