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Reception Staff

Mrs Anns

R1 Teacher
EYFS Phase Leader

Miss Strapelli

R2 Teacher


The Gingerbread Man

This half term, Reception have been learning the story of ‘The Gingerbread Man’. We discovered some footprints and crumbs in our garden and the children decided it must have been the fox from the story! The children enjoyed re-telling the story using actions. We have taken part in a range of activities linked to our story including: making gingerbread men out of clay, making houses for our gingerbread men in the workshop, learning songs and using technology to decorate gingerbread men. We also went to the shops to buy the ingredients to bake our own gingerbread men.



The Enormous Turnip

Children helped to pull up some vegetables form our garden area. They then learnt the story of ‘The Enormous Turnip’ using storytelling actions. They cut out and ordered different sized turnips, investigated and printed with different vegetables, wrote shopping lists for turnip soup and then chopped up the vegetables to make their own. It was very popular! Children also had a kitchen in their role play areas where they pretended to cook their own soup. Each class created their own story based on The Enormous Turnip and wrote about their new vegetable.



Settling into Reception

Children have settled into Reception after visits with their parent or carers. They started in each class during the first week of the school year and either came full or part time, depending on their parent or carers choice. Activities reflected children’s interests discussed at each child’s personal visit with their new teacher. During the first few weeks, we got to know each other. Children began by learning routines and exploring the classrooms both indoors and outside. We introduced animal characters to help them begin to understand how to learn- such as ‘Concentrating Crocodiles’, ‘Go For It Gorillas’ and ‘Exploring Elephants’. These learning skills will be developed during the year.