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On these pages you will find important information about life in Reception, including our termly topic sheet, and photos of the Reception staff, so you can put a face to the names your child mentions.

We are keen for parents to support the children’s learning at home as much as possible. To help you do this, we produce a termly information sheet, outlining our main topics and giving suggestions for how you might follow them up at home. You may also wish to take a look at the  Reception Curriculum Map, which shows you the topics we will be covering in different subjects over the course of the year. Please do talk to us if you would like more information.

To see our Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum please click here.

Mrs Anns

R1 Teacher
EYFS Phase Leader

Mrs Shooter

R2 Teacher

ReceptionWhats been happeningYear 1Year 2Year 3Year 4Year 5Year 6

Mrs Peet – Synergise Assembly

Please see below Mrs Peet’s latest assembly…


ReceptionWhats been happeningYear 1Year 2Year 3Year 4Year 5Year 6

An Assembly for Year 6 and Key Worker Children

Please see below Mrs Peet’s assembly for Year 6 and key worker children…


ReceptionWhats been happeningYear 1Year 2Year 3Year 4Year 5Year 6

VE Day Assembly!

Please watch Mrs Peet’s VE Day Assembly!


ReceptionWhats been happeningYear 1Year 2Year 3Year 4Year 5Year 6

Quiz Number 4!

This weeks quiz is hosted by Mrs Stubbs! Please click on the videos and files below to take part.

Round 1 – Letters and Numbers

Round 2 – Picture Quiz (& answers)

Round 3 – The Missing Link


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Bear Hunt

We have received some lovely photographs of the children’s and teachers teddy bears. Take a look and see if you can recognise yours! Also, keep an eye out when you’re on your daily walk and see if you can spot any in windows.




Phonics At Home

As part of your home learning your child will be taking part in phonic activities set by their teacher. Many of you may have used Oxford Owl as it gives levelled reading books. The link below will also give you a video to show you how to make the sounds in a way that will help your child with reading and writing. The sounds are taught in a particular order in phases which develop during Reception and KS1. If you are unsure which phase your child is working on at the moment then please contact your child’s class teacher.


You don’t need to print out lots of flash cards or letters, just make your own or ask older brothers and sisters to help you.
There are lots of fun activities that you can do indoors and in the garden, hiding sounds so that your child can go on a treasure hunt, having competitions to see how many words you can make with a sound your child finds tricky or being sound detectives on your daily walk. Have fun together!



The Three Billy Goats Gruff

Children received a packet of grass seeds with a note asking for their help from three billy goats. They watched the grass grow and learnt the story using a story map. They acted out the story in a puppet theatre outside and in the book corners with great enthusiasm. Children then designed their own constructions in different areas of Reception, after looking at bridges around the world. They recorded their buildings. We also discussed the painting, Grassy Knowles by McKendrick and children used water colours to create their own. We went on spring walks around the school to see what else was growing. Then children carefully drew spring flowers looking at their colours and shapes. They wrote their own spring poems and Mother’s day cards. During home learning, ‘children had a go’ at writing and making story maps of their own stories based on the class story and came up with great ideas such as The Three Bunnies.



The Snow Queen

This term children have been learning a story about The Snow Queen. They have been exploring freezing and melting, recording the weather, researching animals from Polar Regions and learning a Frozen dance. They collaborated to build, paint and decorate an ice palace after receiving a letter form the Snow Queen asking for their help. They have also been creating ice music and have developed Snow Queen roleplay areas. Finally, they developed their own stories and celebrated with a Snow Queen party, freezing apple juice for apple sorbet and melting chocolate for crispy cakes.




Maths in Spring

This half term, Reception children have enjoyed developing their understanding of maths through our ‘Number of the Week’. Children have represented numbers in different ways using tens frames, Numicon, Cuisenaire rods, bead strings and on a numberline. They have also started to think about number bonds to 10 and have been learning songs and rhymes to help them with this. During busy learning, children have been ‘Go For It Gorillas’ and have been working on their next steps both inside and outside.



NurseryReceptionYear 1Year 2Year 3Year 4Year 5Year 6

Pupil’s Eye View

Pupil’s Eye View





Reception Literacy

This term children have been learning phase 2 sounds during their phonic lessons and have enjoyed learning the monster songs to support each new sound. During their play, they have begun to blend sounds together and create cvc words using different materials. They have also begun to write these words on phoneme frames. Alongside this we have encouraged children to read and write for meaning in their play. They have written post it’s for teachers to help them remember things! They have also written lists and instructions during role play or in other areas of the environment. Children have been reading in the environment, in small groups and individually. They all take part in ‘quiet reading’ sessions daily when they can enjoy becoming involved in their own book. Our class stories have promoted lots of talk and act as a stimulus for both reading and writing.




The Gingerbread Man

This half term, the children in Reception discovered some footprints and crumbs in our garden and decided it reminded them of the story of The Gingerbread Man. This has been our topic this half term. Children have been learning the story, acting it out and singing songs about The Gingerbread Man. They then enjoyed taking part in our Christmas performance where they performed these to their grown ups.  Some children went on a trip to the shop to buy some flour and then each class made their own gingerbread men and the children thought these were delicious!



The Enormous Turnip

This half term, children in Reception have been learning the story ‘The Enormous Turnip’. Using our ’Talk for Writing’ process, children memorised the story using a story map to help them and then innovated it to create their own class versions. Linking to this, they have been learning about harvest and discussing where our food comes from. They also worked together to make delicious turnip soup!