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Studying Science provides children with the foundations for understanding the world around us. Science encourages us to ask questions, find answers and make close observations about how and why things work as they do. While we develop these rational explanations we also aim to develop a sense of excitement and curiosity about natural phenomena. Children enjoy finding out how science can be used to explain what is occurring, predict how things will behave and analyse causes.

Yearly Overview

Y1Everyday materials. Seasonal ChangeLiving things: Animals inc. humans. Seasonal ChangeLiving things: Plants. Seasonal Change
Y2 Plants Uses of materials Materials: Investigating uses of materials. Animals:Including humansLiving things and their habitats
Y3 Light and dark.Forces and magnetsAnimals: including humans InvestigationsRocks and soil. Plants
Y4The Romans: The Roman Empire and its impact on Britain. Invasion, conquest and resistanceTravel to the Golden Age: Early Islamic civilisation, including a study of Baghdad c. AD 900. A non-European society providing contrast with British historyElectricity: The history of electricity
Y5Properties and changes in materials Living things: and their habitats Animals: including humansSpace. Forces
Y6Light. Electricity Evolution and inheritanceAnimals: including humans. Living things:and their habitats

Science at Queen Edith is very “hands on” and children are encouraged to “Work Scientifically” during each and every topic. As such they develop a variety of important skills including the ability to plan, observe and evaluate. They become accustomed to using a variety of tools and equipment and over time become adept at presenting and explaining their findings. Investigating is at the heart of Science and Queen Edith children know we value their thinking.

For more information please click here for our science policy.