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Religious Education

Religious education is taught as a compulsory subject in every year group in age appropriate manner. At Queens’ federation we follow the ‘Cambridgeshire Agreed Syllabus’ and the ‘Discovery R.E.’ framework. Both these frameworks are based on an enquiry approach to religion. Each unit is designed with a core questions which is then learned about, explored and discussed. Through this method of enquiry children will become familiar with different beliefs, worship and celebrations.

In Key stage 1 children approach R.E. through experiences and feelings they are familiar with. Subsequently they are able to relate these to questions about other religions.

In Key Stage 2 children are encouraged to engage with and openly discuss their understanding and opinions of religions and their philosophies, through an enquiry based approach.

Yearly Overview

Unlike literacy and maths, R.E. is often taught through a full day or week’s learning on a specific question enquiring into a religion and its practices. This gives the children the opportunity to engage fully with the topic. The principal religions within the local community and the UK will be covered in different year groups. The information below outlines in more detail the religions and questions covered in each year group. Students may also participate in age-appropriate philosophical discussion sessions as part of exploring these questions. Research has shown that philosophy aids deeper thinking and academic engagement.

Y1The Family in Christianity: What difference does belonging to a faith make to a family? Celebrations: Why is Christmas important to Christians?People in Christianity: Who was Jesus? A great leader and teacher? Easter: Palm Sunday. Why was Jesus welcomed like a king on palm Sunday?Parables: What did Jesus teach? Is it possible to be kind to everyone all the time? Islam: Community and belonging
Y2Places in Christianity: What makes a church a special place for Christian people? Judaism: Chanukah rites of passage.Stories and Symbols: Sikhism Are Sikh stories important today? Easter: Is it true that Jesus came back to life again? Judaism Passover: How special is the relationship Jews have with God? Self and community Sikhism: How does the Khalsa influence the lives of Sikh families?
Y3Christian worship: How and why are churches different? Christmas: Has Christmas lost it’s true meaning?Hinduism: How can Brahman be everywhere and in everything? Would visiting the River Ganges feel special to a non Hindu? Easter: What is good about Good Friday?Creation stories: What do different cultures believe about the creation of the world?
Y4Christian People: Who are the ‘Saints of God’ and why are they important? Christmas: What is the most significant part of the nativity story for Christians today?Christianity and miracles: Could Jesus really heal people? Easter: Is forgiveness always possible?Islam Belonging, commitment and Hajj: Does completing Hajj make a person a better person? Islam Prayer: Why is prayer important to Muslims and not for some people?
Y5Judaism: How important is it for Jewish people to do what God asks then to do? Christianity and Judaism: Is religion what you say or what you do?Christianity in other parts of the world: What is it like to be in Vellore? Ultimate QuestionsUltimate Questions. Beliefs and Practices: What is the best way for Christians to show a commitment to God?
Y6Just War: Were we right to fight? Jesus: Who do people say I am?Beliefs and Actions in the World: What key beliefs influence people’s faith and how do people of faith live out their lives? Easter: Examining the resurrection accounts. Did God want to die?Buddhism: What does it mean to be a Buddhist? Can we all be enlightened. Moving on.

Information for Parents

At Queens’ federation we openly encourage parents, other relations and members of specific faiths to come in to provide a personal and accurate explanation of their beliefs. These experiences are invaluable to the children and their understanding, due to the fact that they hear first-hand what it means to be part of different faith communities. If you would be interested in helping out in this way please speak to your class teacher or the R.E. co-ordinator, Miss Cooper.

For more information please click on the link to view our RE Policy on our Policies page.