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Modern Languages

We all know that exposing children to other languages at an early age helps their cognitive development.

At Queen Edith we believe that by learning a foreign language from Year 3, children can also understand English grammar and its vocabulary more deeply, while at the same time being exposed to a new culture.

Our children are very excited about learning French through games, songs and mini conversations.

French is taught once a week . After each new topic, the children transfer what they have learnt into a personalised booklet that stays with them from Year 3 to Year 6, so that they can keep consolidating their knowledge.

Yearly Overview

The table below outlines the key topic areas taught in French lessons each term:

Y3Greetings. Numbers 1-10. Body PartsColours. Clothes. Places in TownClassroom Objects. Weather
Y4Colours & Animals. Calendar & BirthdaysFamily MembersRooms & Furniture. Dictionaries. Conversations
Y5Transport, CountriesTown, DirectionsInstruments, Alphabet, Conversation and Revision
Y6Hobbies, Travel and using ‘Je voudrais’Time, Describing People, Fruit and NumbersFood, Cooking, Conversation and Revision