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Queen Edith Primary School Summer Fete

Saturday 21st May 2022   1 – 4pm
Traditional Summer Fete fun for all the family – All Welcome!

Pupil’s Eye View

Our Pupil’s Eye page will tell you about Queen Edith School through the eyes of some of our pupils.  Everything on this page has been created by the Pupil’s Eye Group.


Welcome to Queen Edith Nursery.  In Nursery children have fun, learn and make things. They are allowed to roam free and learn new things independently! Denis visited Nursery to see his brothers.


Extracurricular Activities

Even though we do some outstanding work at Queen Edith, we also enjoy fun and exciting clubs! Some kids had an amazing idea of making clubs for the smaller ones of the school.

For example: Creativity Club which would make your imagination run wild. It was created by some members of the Pupil’s Eye Group. or we have Sing and Dance club which makes you really active.

Here are some pictures of these amazing clubs:


Nature at Queen Edith

Here at Queen Edith we take care of an amazing, green garden and allotment. We also have some amazing parents who volunteer to take care of our precious garden. We grow: strawberries, raspberries and enchanting flowers. Have a look for yourself how we synergize and persevere.



The library is a fun place to relax and read a book. You can either chill on the beanbags or lounge on the sofa. You can examine the beautiful displays and enjoy leafing through a vast collection of different books made by outstanding authors. Once a week your class gets to visit the calming library and you get to choose an amazing book to read. Then you get to either sit on the sofa or on the comfortable bean bags. Here are some pictures: