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Pupil Leadership

School Council

Our Year 6 School Council Leaders are working hard this year to help our whole School Council reach its fullest potential. Each class has elected two representatives who meet with the Year 6 Leaders each week and then feedback to their class, enabling pupils all through school to have a real say in issues that affect them and to know that their opinions count. At each meeting, pupils discuss a variety of topics, including how to develop their leadership skills, issues in school and how to improve them and how to arrange charitable events.


House Captains

House Captains are appointed

Again this year, eight Year 6 pupils have been chosen to represent our four houses of Centaur, Griffin, Pegasus and Phoenix as House Captains.

Centaur captains think they’ll be a positive, kind, fun and helpful team – they’re even thinking of creating fun days to raise more money for charity. Did you know that one of the captains plays football for Cambridge United and the other loves to sing and dance?

Captains for Phoenix said “I feel honoured because not many people get to do this job” and “I’m so proud to be representing Phoenix this year”. They don’t want to be strict but they also don’t want a chaotic house so they’ve said they’ll be somewhere in the middle.

Pegasus leaders noted that they felt delighted to be trusted for this role of leading their house. Both captains said that they would describe themselves as trustworthy and also mentioned being caring and helpful – great qualities for a House Captain.

Luckily, Griffin captains have provided some helpful knowledge for you to get to know them. One of your captains has never eaten seaweed, and the other loves horse-riding and reading. They’re both looking for all Griffin members to work hard in class and remember to put their points up!

We look forward to seeing the positive contribution and impact that our House Captains make this year!

Sports Leaders

This year we have appointed 12 sports leaders from year 6. The sports leaders will be responsible for officiating and organising house sports competitions alongside Mr Alexander, leading sessions in classes promoting healthy lifestyles and will also take a large role in the smooth running of Sports Day in the summer term.