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Science Week 14th-18th March 2022

Year 6 had such a fabulous Science Week where we had many visitors and were able to have some additional exciting hands-on sessions.

We started off with a wonderful welcome assembly where we learned about Scientists, where they work and what they might do. Due to this year’s theme being growth, we also pretended to be bacteria to group ourselves using smell and no sound before multiplying just like bacteria do!

On Tuesday, we had a visit from Madeline who taught us about brains. We were able to have a go at adding vitamins, minerals, amino acids and lipids (coloured solutions) to the ball of cells (jelly brains) and watch it change just like when the scientists make brain tissue in the lab! After that, we injected dyes into jelly brains to see cells, before dissecting them and revealing colourful streaks of labelled cells.

Ms Mottaz then gave a Y6 assembly on states of matter and we saw dry ice and how experimentation and hypothesising works.

On Friday (Red Nose Day) we finished our week with visitors Rachel, Torsten and Marion who asked us to work out if their cornflour slime mix was a solid or a liquid. We had great fun punching and jumping in their mix and learned that it is a dilatant or shear-thickening fluid. It helped us to work out what to do if we were ever in quicksand!

When Jeena visited us, we learned about DNA and our bodies. We were able to carry out an experiment and extract it from kiwi fruit ourselves – it was incredible to see this in the test tube right in front of our eyes.

We had an amazing Science Week – thank you to everyone who came and shared their love of Science with us!