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Positional Language in Maths – Autumn 2021


In Maths, Miss T’s group of Year 6 mathematicians have been looking at position and direction as well as recapping some key Maths language. We went to the hall to have an active session using hoops, balls, skipping ropes and other sports equipment. We had been set a series of challenges and needed to see if we could meet them. First we tried making 2 ½ rolls in one go and working out how many degrees this was. We couldn’t do forward rolls as we needed to always land on our heads with our heels in the air (not safe!) but we could do pencil rolls! We also had to see how many rotations of a hoop we could do in 30 seconds, then find out if we could do it both clockwise and anticlockwise. There were lots more and we had great fun!