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Year 2 Science Week

As our topic is “Around The World,” during Science Share Week we have been thinking about vehicles or machines that travel. We have been exploring all sorts of toys, like parachutes, gliders, cars and balloon helicopters. After exploring the toys, children decided on questions they were interested in investigating. 2.1 also had to decide how they were going to answer their questions. They will be able to tell you about the sort of enquiries we carried out. So far we have compared how far cars can travel on different surfaces on a ramp, we have compared whether a glider can stay in the air longer than a balloon helicopter and we have also done some book and internet research to find out how things fly. Finally we compared whether a balloon could stay up in the air longer than a balloon with a propeller attached. Parents are welcome into Class on Friday at 3pm to find out more and this will give children the chance to share their science learning with you.