Science Day was an extraordinary success with expert visitors coming from all over Cambridge.  Children were thrilled by DNA, disgusted by germs, they learned how to save lives, discovered more than they thought possible about eggs and mixed potions like Harry Potter! KS1 found out about racing eco-cars and made fake blood as well as looked at real blood cells under the microscope. When they weren’t making exploding volcanoes, they were saving their sick teddies and found out the answers to all the big science questions they had ever been curious about. Meanwhile in KS2, they were busy finding out about zebrafish, whether water was really safe to drink and how you resuscitate someone. During the day they became experts themselves on cells and children were buzzing in the corridors about chromosomes, conductors and climate change! Some children got the chance to see 3D brain images and then found out about our immune system. It was, as some children described, “the best day in school so far.” Thank you so much for everyone who helped during the event – you really are our science superstars – you excited and delighted our children and satisfied their every curiosity.

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